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Marvelous March 2.0

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1 month ago

This is the continuation of my article about how my March went. I stopped in sharing my how my skills were challenged in one week. My skills in photography and editing. Now, we can continue from this story-telling.

Christening of Ban Ryu

So, in the recent article, I mentioned that one of my closest friends asked me to edit an invitation for her son’s christening. I am a Godmother in his christening and it was my pleasure. We went directly to the reception because they only allow limited number of people in the church where Ban Ryu was baptized. We ate lunch and our squad is quite complete. We have some friends who didn’t make it. We still continued to celebrate until evening. We are the ones left in the venue. We just finished the last bottle of our drinks and we also decided to go home.

Went to the beach with Paul and Darren

The day after the christening of Ban Ryu, my friend invited me to go to the beach with them. It was already planned that I will be going with my nephew, Paul. Sadly, things happened and I cancelled my yes. Since I already told to my nephew that we are going to the beach that day, he felt sad and disappointed after hearing from me that it was cancelled. I called my boyfriend, who is a human version of superman, and told him that Paul was a little bit sad with what happened. He talked to him and told him that we are going at the beach the next day.

Since he promised that, my baby Paul kept on asking about it before we went to sleep. I asked him what time does he want to go, and he told me “kapag hapon Tata, para maganda yung langit” (in the afternoon Auntie, ‘cause the sky is beautiful that time). I told my boyfriend and we agreed to it.

We went to the beach at exactly 3:00 in the afternoon. We bought some snacks. Burgers and footlongs will be good for the three of us, and of course with drinks. We sat down and watched the waves and my nephew asked me if he is allowed to go for a swim. I said yes, and he was so happy playing with the waves. We are watching him and he was scared to go nearer the sea. He just wanted to play and be chased by the waves.

Highest Tip Received So far

This is one of the best things happened to me in this platform. I received the highest tip so far. My article “Corruption in the Philippines” was tipped with $33 worth of Bitcoin Cash which made my heart so happy the moment I saw the notification about it. It encouraged me to write more and publish quality contents. Thanks to Rusty. He never disappoints me.

I bought a desktop (personal computer).

Last February, I am planning to buy a desktop since my laptop doesn’t work anymore. I am just borrowing my boyfriend’s laptop for my part-time work and for school requirements. I thought it will not be possible but I worked hard for it. I earned every penny that I have until I already have the budget. With the help of my boyfriend, we found a very kind seller of desktop and I am satisfied with the item I bought. My computer table is now under construction and I can’t wait for it.

Fundraising Successful

If you are following my journey here, you probably know that I hosted a fundraising event. My beneficiaries are the pupils of my Ate. Most of her pupils are aetas. The event went smoothly and I have raised enough funds. I planned to buy grocery pack for them, and I did it.

The fundraising raising was successful and the beneficiaries received what I prepared. I put efforts and spend time for this and I can’t believe that I am already planning for the next wave.

The month of March went well. I have experienced a lot of adventures like hiking Mt. Pimmayong and overnight at the beach. I also realized that if you worked hard for something, you will get it. And you will be fulfilled by happiness. Another lesson that I learned was to trust yourself be proud of the things that you can do. I will appreciate every compliment coming from other people and start being confident with the things that I know I am good at. Lastly, helping doesn’t require a lot of money. You can help others by your efforts and in your own way. It is a matter of how genuine you are in helping and what is your purpose.

I learned a lot and reflected before the month of April entered. I am now ready to collect moments and memories for this next month. Let this be a fruitful and productive month for me and for all of us.

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Written by   168
1 month ago
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napakadaming ganap! grabe haha. recently, you just started your small business. From last month, you were also able to buy a desktop. (I am seeing updates about your computer table din). ebarg po lodicakes nakakaproud! you are such a good friend, aunt, and all that. you're such an amazing hooman being. May God bless you and your family always. :)

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1 month ago

Awww. I'm so kinikilig! 😍 Thank you so much for being to supportive and for the words of encouragement. God bless you and take care always!

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1 month ago

aww. hahahaha lol. you are always welcome. :)

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1 month ago