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Week 2: My Top 5 Songs of the week

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1 month ago
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Hey guys! i hope you are having a great day/afternoon/evening! Last week we listened vere good bands, this week won't be the exception. Let's go to the exordium.

Have you ever felt that some weeks/days you only want to hear a certain genre of music, or even just one artist? Well, this week has been a week to listen Folk Music for me, just random Folk songs mixed with other genres, or pure folk of any kind.. And in that note, i'll bring you 5 of the songs i loved of this week (this is not a top 5 of the best of the best, it is the ones i loved of a random playlist i played on a certain music platform :D). Enjoy.

1. Pedro Infante - Deja que salga la luna

I love Pedro Infante, he is one of the greatest Folk singers from Mexico next to Miguel Aceves Mejía. This song's genre in particular is a Huapango mexicano. Many big artists have used his songs, like Luis Miguel. What i love the most of Pedro Infante is the clarity of his voice, for those who want to learn more about mexican folk music, Pedro Infante is a must.

Fun fact, i did this song as a cover, you can watch it here.

2. Faun - Federklei

This german Medieval Folk band... I can't just ignore it, it sounds so good! This is one of this bands that invites you to join the party in the local tabern, drink a pint of Ale and dance until the candles goes off, i just... Loved it. They were formed in 2002 and one of the things i love about this band is that they use multiple languages in their songs like German, Latin, Galician-Portuguese, and Slavic language.

Lyrics in english:

"Across the heath, in the early morning glow Birds pass on by, where may they be tomorrow I follow the sizzling of the wings into the somber moor Age-old songs resound from the haze

 Come and fly away with us Let the wind carry you Far away from this place Come and fly as high as you can Let us chase the skies In our dance Silken Haze, so chilly, brushing my skin Further and further, where shall I find my yearning's goal I close my eyes and grow a plumage I feel the wind already and spread my wings to fly

 Come and fly away with us Let the wind carry you Far away from this place Come and fly as high as you can Let us chase the skies In our dance

 The heavens in you, how can I know them, can I see them In flight we dance like the stars, moving on their paths

 Come and fly away with us Let the wind carry you Far away from this place Come and fly as high as you can Let us chase the skies In our dance"

3. Trio Mandili - ქალავ (Qalav)

 This was mindblowing for me, i didn't know georgia (sakartvelo) even existed, and now, besides knowing the eurasian country, i just fell in love with their Folk music, specially with the panduri (the instrument they play), i definitely want to play one, i'm sorry, i just love rare instruments, so this is a two for one to me, beautiful voices, and a nice instrument.


"Rim dam dam ramdi badri dibri dabri do 4x

Across the river I saw a woman

Her eyes were upon me ||: To my bank she shouted: „You'll be my husband ” :||

 Oh Woman, life and fire in the heart Your fingers are like neatly cut crystal ||: You're mine This neck of yours I think it's a wallflower You won't escape from me What a cruel fate I have :||

Rim dam dam ramdi badri dibri dabri do 4x

Come, it's not bad in the mountains I'll tell you rhymes What should I compare you with – , I will pleat a white hat from iris You my haughty, little woman.

I shall build a white tent for you Quiet, silent like love. Nobody will disturb you Let us be our own guests.

Rim dam dam ramdi badri dibri dabri do 4x 

The Khevsurians will sit down together To have a beer on the balcony Oh woman come to my place Don't escape from me Oh woman your kerchief Has flown in the air ||: Your face has appeared, Your brilliant eyes Glowed :||"

4. Bordemar - Aguas

This song always makes me want to cry. Bordemar is from Chile, my country, on the South, in the zone of Chiloé, and this kind of music is just one of the hundreds of folk genres there is in that zone, so you can easily asume that part of the country is very rich of musical culture. Many times in the comments, here and in you have told me there's some songs you don't understand (because of the language), i assure you don't need to know anything with this one, you just close your eyes, and let the tears flow.

Don't lie and tell me in the comments how much did you wanted to cry.

5. Campedrinos - Zambas Románticas (accoustic version)

Well, i have mixed feelings about this song, by one hand, i love it, the lyrics are amazing, pure love, really well written, as Zambas argentinas usually do, and by the other hand, it frustrates me, this was the first song i couldn't cover properly, i did try it, and the results were... awful to say at least. if you want to laugh at me because of that, check it out here (in my defense, that was one of my first attempts of do that type of songs).

Lyrics in english:

"Let me dream of you tonight I want to turn on lights in the sky To engrave your name on each star To scream how much I love you. When the day comes to find you here by my side Let me dream it, I know this is not true Because the truth is barely an instant Living on dreams is the real thing. Sweet dove of my soul Dream that came true Mine forever only mine Woman, girl and friend. Mine forever only mine Woman, girl and friend ...

Yesterday I found you on the road Coming from a dream like mistol Little rain water in my eyes The Christ of the mount saw you Cross the shadow of the moon Wounded in the soul with winds and sun With fire of love on your lips My old guitar was the only God That silently opening the night Which rain in the wind I carry Arrest of honeymoon and song And the sky surrendered in my voice. How do you want me not to love you heart If moons nightfall on your skin. If the angel of your soul seeks this love And the sky bursts into the sun And I will know how to love you in my best song I love you I love you.

She started the zamba and with the handkerchief I invited you to dance it and it was like a prayer When you got closer, almost out of breath With much shame, you said let's dance And so we began to dance the zamba Putting in the dance, the body and the soul The mischievous moon shone in your hair I sensed you a stalking dove In the turn I stood by your side Looking for your eyes, my eyes played You turned and left, shy and quiet Tremblingly dancing the zamba A whole lap, she put us in front My lips wished, your burning lips Roosters of the air It was the handkerchiefs That in white and blue painted the sky Already the half zamba marked the end And I sensed your desire to love

Through those streets of love you came to me It was summer and your skin was in bloom Moon jasmine wore your hair The January night burned in your eyes And your life exploded in my life Thirsty heart empty of love And little by little I was losing myself in your skin The serpentine of your mouth caught me Like a ghost crossed the days Leaving everything to feel mine And in the clear profile of your name My blood learned to name love And I saw you cry, I saw you cry I heard you scream my name in love And was your voice a hot stab That burned me in goodbye because she loved you And in your burnt sugar mouth My dream of love is gone forever"

_________________________________________________ Well, that was my top 5 random metal songs that i've listened this week, i hope you liked it.


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Thank you for reading this, love you all <3

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Written by   49
1 month ago
Topics: Music, 2021, Happy, Art, Blog, ...
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