The wall near Rokovac - investing in history, investing in the future

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That we Croats were born upside down and eventually came from our buttocks is evidenced by the interventions on the old medieval wall near Rokovac on Bosut near Vinkovci.

A century-long research that resulted in a smaller number of findings, but therefore almost complete abandonment of the building to decay, is the practice of most municipalities in Croatia.

However, the municipality of AndrijaĆĄevci, in whose area the old wall is located, made an effort not to make everything so black, and with the help of the profession they are still trying to preserve and explore this ancient building, above which questionnaires have been hanging for a long time. As we find out, the wall is an old church from the 15th century, built on the site of an even older one, as evidenced by the remains of stone and various types of bricks built into the walls. The church was part of the monastery or fort that was located there.

Although I have been visiting the Wall and its overgrown, half-ruined walls for several years, left to the ravages of time, work has been going on for a couple of years to restore a good part of it, as in a slow-motion film, revealing its mysterious history layer by layer. about which we know little.

The ground plan also reveals unknown objects that were located next to the church or around it. Inside the church, research and cleaning of the building are being carried out.

Graves from earlier stages of history, old Hungarian and Turkish coins, old ceramic objects, balls, ornaments, nails ... are just some of the found objects that have been excavated.

The municipality believes that it will be able to raise funds for the building to be properly preserved, researched and protected up to the level of the roof, which would be a nice contribution to the history of this building.

The site belonged to the town of Hrapkovo, the seat of the noble family of Botos Hrapkovski, who also owned a fortress on Bosut near the church.

All that remains for us is to join this good faith and continue to strive to preserve and explore parts of our heritage by snatching it from oblivion and negligence.

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