Does Russia really have a famous weapon of complete destruction?

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Russian President Vladimir Putin's order to raise Russia's nuclear forces to a high level of preparedness, which he justified with NATO's aggressive statements and economic sanctions against Moscow, has alarmed the world public these days.

In the late 1980s, Mikhail Gorbachev began his policy of Glasnost, which aimed to increase the transparency of the Soviet Union towards its population and the world.

In 1987, a non-aggression agreement was signed, which included the destruction of medium-range and short-range nuclear missiles launched from the ground, ie weapons that are considered the first wave of nuclear strikes in the event of an escalation of the conflict. The Soviets were required to destroy their weapons stockpiles, and the U.S. wanted to monitor the implementation of the agreement with the help of its large RC-135SS Cobra Ball reconnaissance aircraft, sent near the region where those weapons were to be eliminated.

Espionage implementation of the agreement

In October or November 1988, U.S. Air Force pilot Robert Hopkins collected data for the U.S. intelligence agency using the aforementioned missile tracking aircraft. During a spy surveillance operation, he witnessed along with his crew an inexplicable phenomenon that has remained known to this day as the Dome of Light. According to him, the meeting with the dome during the observation of the implementation of this agreement, which began to be implemented that year, took place in the Kamchatka Peninsula, where weapons were tested before the collapse of the Soviet Union. Hopkins and his crew followed the launch of the SS-20 "Saber" medium-range missile.

As they scanned the area, they spotted something like a transparent wall in the sky. Reports of this phenomenon can vary, but most who have seen it say it is a phenomenon that manifests as a small white ball on the horizon, and which expands and takes the form of a dome-like. It is initially opaque, but as it expands it becomes transparent so that the sky can be seen through it. Over time, it begins to disappear, forming a rainbow-shaped trail. At its full extent it is a large dome that fills more than half of the visible sky. The visibility of the dome of light is defined differently, ranging between 20 and 100 minutes. The dome is moving at a high speed of ten thousand kilometers per hour, which is why those who faced it had the impression that they would "swallow" them, which of course did not happen because otherwise we probably would not know about it today. This dome of light was seen during the launch of a medium-range missile called the SS-20 "Saber", it is very likely that the launch and the dome are connected because, for example, eyewitness Hopkins saw it again in similar circumstances.

Theories of the Light Dome

How the phenomenon is unexplained to this day, all we have are theories. One of the theories is that of the ion cloud. According to her, the release of unused rocket fuel would result in the release of ion clouds that could be used to measure the state of the upper atmosphere. Given that this is a military rather than a strictly scientific experiment, it is assumed that the study of ion clouds could serve to simulate the atmosphere after a nuclear war. According to the proponents of this theory, the Soviets would test the situation of their military functioning in the conditions of a complete war. But on the other hand, the informants who observed this phenomenon state that they failed to detect charged particles that would confirm this theory, which is why this theory is more or less rejected today.

Military threat

One theory is that this is a phenomenon that should blind and confuse the adversary in order to make it difficult to monitor the arrival of nuclear missiles, which would be fired at the United States and Europe, which, if accurate, would mean that in the future the United States and NATO must consider changing the geostrategic picture of the world. According to one of these similar theories of destruction, the dome would be used to disperse chemical, bacteriological and biological agents from a distance that would not be dangerous to Soviet or today's Russian forces.

Among the many theories, one has developed that says the Soviets used Tesla's peaceful ideas to create a new weapons system. So in some circles there are rumors about scalar electronics, which is based on a combination of electromagnetic and gravitational waves from which, experts say, can be made incredibly powerful weapons. It is intriguing that this phenomenon is still not explained today.

If this is indeed a super-powerful weapon system, mentioned by the boastful Soviet President Nikita Khrushchev, who hinted that the Soviets possessed super-powerful weapons that could destroy the entire planet. It is indicative that Khrushchev connected these weapons with light. If so, anyone who is not on good terms with the Russians should be concerned, especially these days.

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