The adventures of our dear friend BOLT. 🐾🐾🐾

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Is there any animal on this earth that does not deserve to be loved, appreciated and respected. They all deserve to be treated this way, because believe it or not they are living beings and they deserve respect for the simple fact of having been created by God.

Today I want to tell you the story of my friend Bolt, he came from very small to be part of the home of Gabriel and Derisk, at that time the children of this home Gabriel Jr and Valeria were very young and that is where the name of our puppy comes from, because as soon as the children saw him they told his dad that if the dog was like the TV cartoon Bolt, which was very fashionable at this time, the parents of these children thought the name was very nice and so it stayed. Together they were growing at the same time, but Bolt shot up in size, on one hand it was fine because one of the main ideas of bringing him home was to have that guardian of houses demeanor, but what they were not going to imagine was that Bolt came out innocent, lazy, playful and sweeter than honey.

Bolt´s Birthday party

Bolt grew up a lot and as he got older he stole the hearts of everyone who knows him, Bolt is definitely a spoiled big boy.

Valeria and Gabriel play with him all day long and when they are doing other chores like watching their cell phone, reading a book and playing with the other kids, he is always by their side, he doesn't leave them alone, so apart from everything Bolt is a good babysitter.

When everyone goes out, Bolt wants to be the first to get in the car, he almost grabs the keys and drives, but when he can't be taken he stays outside, but what surprises everyone is that wherever they are in town he gets there. Luckily it's a small town and the people all know each other.

Valeria´s bithday party

Bolt eats a lot, that's what the boy is good at, and for that he has his faithful cook Graciela, she lives in the same house as Bolt and is something like his grandmother, Graciela has no measure for cooking, what she wants is that everyone is full, satisfied and repeats.

The story of Graciela and Bolt is very interesting, because it turns out that Graciela never liked dogs, she said they were dirty, that they shed a lot of drool and hair and that they bit the children, but who would have thought that Bolt would completely change this concept and would make her fall in the nets of human-canine love. That's right friends, as I am telling you, Graciela had no choice but to surrender and let herself be loved by Bolt. Now both are inseparable, wherever she is she is always worried about the dog, thinking about him and his needs.

She bathes him, buys him presents, makes him his tie for Christmas and bakes him a special doggy cake every birthday.

But Bolt is not only a friend of Gabriel and Valeria, but also of all the kids on the block, last year for the Halloween party he went out with them to share and at the moment of the picture he was there standing next to the group.

Halloween´s Party

At birthday parties he is the first one to be aware of everything, but above all to play and have fun. Hay, this dog is a real handful. If you could see how much in love he is, at the last family reunion a very young and very pretty cousin arrived and he has been glued to her ever since he saw her. It was like a lovely romance.

And Bolt has many things to tell, fortunately there are many images that speak for themselves of what I am telling you today. Bolt is an angel who fell from heaven in the form of a dog to brighten the lives of everyone around him. So let's thank God for having him and pray that he will be with his family for a long time.

Let's take care of our pets and give them back with love and attention a little of the love that they give us...

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Owning a pet is a great and loving responsibility. I loved my Susy very much and I miss her.

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Its such a cute dog 🐶

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