Strengthen the relationship with sacrificial love, true commitment and affectionate communication.

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1 year ago

Let's start by saying that one of the first things God did when creating the world was to create a man and a woman, Adam and Eve, and it can be said that this couple was the first marriage that existed. Marriage is one of the first ways devised by God to enjoy life and be happy, but! for this to happen in truth, we must comply with a number of things, that if we put them into practice in our lives everything will be a wonder.

So today I want to invite you to know some reasons that we must take into account when we take this step in our life,

*I marry her (Him) to make her (him) happy,

In this first part we can focus mainly on the concept of LOVE, what is that word for you, what does it mean?

According to the concept I found in Wikipedia LOVE is the human state through which my happiness is determined by the happiness of the other.

But what happens when I serve you, I give myself body and soul and you are a selfish being who only thinks about himself and his needs. If we really understand the concept of Love, we would do everything to make each other happy every day, every moment that we are together.

Then we could say that "I" am immensely happy, because my life is all about you being immensely happy.

It is useless that the person who tells me he loves me, sends me roses, takes me to eat at the best restaurants, sends me heart emoticons on WhatsApp, but makes me suffer every moment.

Today's world has given sacrifice a bad name, they believe that sacrifice is torture, pain, but it turns out that we should not see it that way, if we love each other we can put aside some things for the welfare of the other person. Nowadays nobody likes to sacrifice for the other person and they only think about their own interests.

So if this is so, how can we move on to the second fundamental characteristic for a good relationship, which is true commitment?

If we talk about commitment we are referring to strong and true relationships. When we assume a commitment, in this case marriage, we are pledging our word and we are saying that I want to be faithful, I want to be with you only and form a home to be happy, that is to say that when I am going to take this step first I had to commit myself and accept it. Don't make fun of your own word; if you are not sure about taking this step, think about it a thousand times.

On the other hand, if you make a good choice you will be able to wake up next to that person every day and say, this is the person I want to continue to wake up with every day! and this is the person I really love!

Another important factor to have a good relationship is communication; I could sit here and write a thousand things that I have had to take hold of to make it effective and efficient in my life, but if it works, it works. I just tell you that if you use the following parameters: where, how and what is said; but we also learn to listen with all our being, with all our senses, without interruptions of any kind, then this can be a total success.

It is not easy, but it is not difficult either, when you really love, you can do many things for the other person. So we can conclude that to strengthen the relationship what you have to change is your attitude if you want to do well in a relationship.

Before ending I want to ask God to fill us with his peace, strength and joy, to forgive us for misunderstanding the concept of marriage and also because we have forgotten to serve our partners with sacrificial love, with true commitment.

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1 year ago


I totally agree with you my beautiful friend. Nowadays they confuse sacrifice with pain and that is why the "I" is more important than the "we".

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1 year ago

Please tell us face to face any kind. solve misunderstanding

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1 year ago

Love is really cool and nice.

But to me I see falling in love to one who love you in return as the best. And loving someone with getting loved in return is like waiting for a train at the airport. There are loads of sacrifices to be made to accomplish true love.

Great write up

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1 year ago

Just as you have rightly said, we can strengthen our relationship by changing our attitude, if we really want to do well in the relationship. Our attitude must be positive and satisfying.

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1 year ago