"SI ME BUSCAS, TU A MI" A Friday to sing and remember my beautiful childhood.

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1 year ago

Greetings to all my friends @Read.cash, I hope you are all well and resting on this beautiful Friday. I definitely had a great time today, I relaxed a bit, I think my body and mind gets ready every Friday and relaxes to be able to enjoy the weekend. Today I was remembering a lot of things from my childhood and that was thanks to a Q&A challenge I did recently here on the platform that made me travel back to my childhood; I remembered when I was a little girl and I was singing over and over again the song from the animated series Candy Candy Candy, that made me laugh a lot, because my son heard me singing it and then he looked it up on the internet and put it on full volume for me to listen to it and of course enjoy it.

Now every Friday we are enjoying the retro hour as a family, a radio programme that takes us back in time and makes us think of beautiful moments we have lived. Last Friday I enjoyed an afternoon with the group Menudo; I really liked it a lot because we remember beautiful moments that we lived in that time and how nice that things like that happen to enjoy life, that's always the idea!!! Right!

Today I have gone a bit further back, to my childhood, that's why I have posted a picture of my childhood days, I find this picture very nice because I am with my paternal grandmother, my older sister, my mum and two of my brothers. I am the beautiful little girl standing there in the middle of everyone clapping my hands.

If You Are Looking For Me - Candy Candy

This song brings me many beautiful memories; here in Venezuela it was like a tradition that the television channels broadcast certain children's programs only during the holiday season, among those was the series Candy; in our house every time we heard the song or the intro "Si me buscas tu a mi" we ran to sit in front of the TV, that was a sacred hour for us; I remember that my sisters and I were enraptured by the plot, we cried, we laughed, we got angry with the bad guys, we fell in love with the prince of the hill and Terry, but the worst part of all was when the episode ended and we had to wait until the next day to continue watching it. Every time this happened it made me cry, I couldn't stand it, but no way, I took a deep breath and I just had to wait until the next day to watch it again.

It really was a very nice childhood, innocent, without pride, vanity or any of those ugly things, we played a lot, especially with dolls, the little kitchen, pio, cowboys, ball; thank God there were many of us in the house and we always had a good time and felt very happy.


If you're looking for me

you can find me

you can find me

I'll wait for you here yes, yes, yes

this is my place

if you want to laugh

discover the joy of dreaming

a world of adventures like no other

together with me

your friend Candy

If you feel lonely turn to me

I'll be waiting for you here

tell me your story you'll be glad

You know you'll have a friend

Look for me, follow me, call me Candy

look for me on the way, follow me,

laugh like Candy

Childhood is the best part of our lives, we really have to tell our children to enjoy it a lot, because then we grow up and we forget that life is simpler and more fun than we think.

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1 year ago


Oh my God, my favorite song and series, how could I forget it.

But if I forget it hehehe I don't remember much of the plot because I was very little like 5 or 6 years old, what I did like the most was the song that I can still sing it all the way through.

I knew you were the little girl in the middle, I felt it and in your first communion you look so much like me. A big hug

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1 year ago

I didn't watch Candy Candy when I was a child, but I know that song by heart! Thank you Carolina for bringing back this woundeful song!

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1 year ago

What memories, Carolina! I already told you in your post of the questions, I had a friend at school who had a crush on Anthony, and then with Terry. I didn't miss an episode of Candy Candy when I was a child. And the fury with Menudo, hehe. One of my friends from school, who I keep in touch with, every time we get together to celebrate something at her house ends up making us dance Súbete a mi moto. LOL

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1 year ago

my favourite song was Clarity, so much so that I learnt the choreography and when we are at a family reunion my children will sing the song for me and we all dance to it together, hehehehehehehe

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1 year ago

I liked Claridad song too. We also know the choreography of that, LOL

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1 year ago