How to get away from toxic people in my work, my family, my environment.

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I greet you in a special way, I wish all good things to you who read me at this moment and I transmit you joy, happiness, enthusiasm and jubilation on this day. I ask the God of LOVE to fill your heart with joy, strength and courage; and I ask the God of LIFE to make you feel his presence and to make you feel that you are a winner.

Every day that dawns is always good to start it with words of gratitude, I invite you to take a second of your time and thank God for life, for your health, for your loved ones, for your job; I hope that in your heart there is always that feeling of being grateful for everything you do and for everything you live and for everything you are.

In these days I have been analyzing a lot the human behavior; between my son Fabian and I have engaged in a long conversation about toxic people, and in this dialogue we are presented with a truth in the middle of everything "We can choose how to behave before toxic people" before those manipulative people, gossiping people, people who often seek to destroy you and see you bad.

Human beings do not choose who comes into our lives, but what we can choose is how we can behave in front of them; I give you an example: when you are on the subway or at the bank and a toxic person approaches you, you did not choose that! But what you do choose is how you are going to behave in front of that person!

Today I would like to talk about the attitude that you can consider to act when you come across this type of person at work, in the clinic, in the pharmacy or in the family.

Develop your emotional intelligence.

This refers to being aware of our emotions and being able to control them and use them according to our life project. I consider that in order to be able to face these harmful people, one must have a lot of emotional intelligence; because under no circumstances should one allow these people to harm or dominate one.

For that you have to be clear about certain feelings that are inside you; it is good to be clear about what you are feeling, why you are feeling it and how you can react. You are the owner of your emotions, you are the one who decides what answers you are going to give to the stimuli of others; I am the one who allows others to come and steal my peace, I am the one who loses it.

We are not at the mercy of toxic people, we can cut with them; these people can come into your life a thousand times and if we have a reinforced emotional intelligence we will be able to be very assertive instead of submissive and naive.

Raise a barrier, do not continue to fall into manipulation games, if in your family there is a toxic person you can say "stop" STOP! to that relationship, no one has to put up with that rude brother, that bossy mother-in-law, you can politely and intelligently give a stop to that. You have to learn to set limits, do not be more of those who allow them to be treated like that, just to avoid problems with the family; if you saw how many times I have had to consider this in my life, but thank God has given me the strength to withdraw and not allow those people and their actions to continue causing me harm.

With this I am not telling you to stay away from your whole family just because, NO, you can try to help, but if they do not let you and want to continue in the same behavior, it is not your fault, you can not make them be different, to change their way of being, we can only rethink, forgive and move away.

If a husband hurts his partner and mistreats her not only physically but morally, how can you tell a woman to stay there, NO! She must wake up and assume a more intelligent attitude, do not let them come to mistreat you with the excuse of love. No one, absolutely no one has the right to hit you or mistreat you under the guise of LOVE. That is not love, that is nothing more than a toxic person wanting to hurt you.

So if you take into account and put into practice your emotional intelligence you will be able to see that person, politely, without shouting or rudeness and say assertively STOP!

Many people are subjected to this type of actions out of necessity, but I tell you something, I prefer a thousand times to live healthy, free and go through some shortages than to submit myself to this type of situations.

Emotional intelligence also teaches us that many times it is better to ignore; there are toxic people who always send you messages to lower your self-esteem, to devalue what you do, their only goal is to make you feel less than them, but I have always said and I have taught my children that there is nothing worse for this type of people than to ignore them. I can't let what they tell me get to me. Try it, practice it, if the comments or actions are not too heavy ignore them, it is really better than falling into a discussion that does not benefit anyone and instead the only one who is jumping on the bandwagon is the one who is not getting into an argument.

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toxic people are great manipulators. For one, they take advantage of the love you have for them that they keep on toying you, keep on apologizing for their wrong doing.

But leaving them can give you a good start, a fresh beginning, new opportunities to meet people.

So dont be blinded by the sweet words. Pack up and go. Its time to stand for your rights— the right to live in peace and be happy.

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1 year ago

Nice post I liked

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1 year ago

The best cure to being free from toxic people is to ignore them. Silence they say is the best answer for a fool.

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1 year ago

You are all right

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1 year ago