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Improper exercise harms health?These 4 phenomena of exercise

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Under normal circumstances, scientific exercise can consume the excess fat accumulated in our body and achieve the effect of weight loss.

Moreover, exercise can also promote blood circulation and metabolism in the body, and has certain benefits in preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and metabolic diseases.


Compared with female , men are more enthusiastic about exercise. Many men like to do various physical exercises in their spare time.

However, if you suddenly have the following four symptoms during exercise recently, this is not a sign of health, and it may be related to the arrival of the disease. You must go to the doctor for examination in time .

1. Sudden severe headache

The exercise intensity and items need to be selected according to personal circumstances. If you already have the "three highs" disease and atherosclerosis, but you choose a relatively strenuous exercise program, it will easily cause the heart pumping volume to increase suddenly and blood vessels. Spasm, causing cerebral ischemia and oxygen, and then dizziness, headache and other symptoms .

Of course, this situation can be relieved after proper rest.

If you suddenly experience explosive headaches during exercise, you should also be alert to the arrival of "hemorrhagic stroke" !

Especially for hypertensive patients, when blood pressure is not properly controlled, cerebral aneurysms may be induced. The rupture of an aneurysm during strenuous exercise can induce acute cerebral hemorrhage and cause sudden severe headaches, requiring immediate medical attention.

Therefore, although exercise is a good thing, if the choice is not appropriate, good things may turn into bad things.

2. Tightening pain in the precordial area

According to clinical investigations and studies, problems such as angina pectoris and myocardial infarction often appear suddenly after a violent mood and intense exercise.

If during exercise, you suddenly experience sweating, contraction of the precordial area, squeezing pain , or even a feeling of dying , this is a typical angina pectoris.

For patients with a history of coronary heart disease, nitroglycerin can be used for relief in time. However, if the pain is still not relieved after medication and rest, and the duration exceeds 20 minutes, this may be related to the onset of myocardial infarction.

This situation is life-threatening and the patient needs to be sent to the hospital for treatment in time.

3. Panting, Coughing

During exercise, asthma is a very common phenomenon, especially after the exercise volume exceeds the lung capacity load, the symptoms are particularly obvious.

If you wheeze or cough after light activity in the near future , compared with the previous period, your vital capacity has decreased significantly and you have not been relieved after a long period of rest . This may be related to decreased lung function.

In particular, people who have been smoking for a long period of time or who have been exposed to radioactive materials or harmful substances should actively seek medical examination of their lungs to see if they have chronic lung disease.

4.Joint and Muscle pain

If you don't have sufficient knowledge about sports, you can easily suffer joint injuries, especially in the knee, if you are affected by improper posture during sports. If the joint pain exceeds 30 minutes after the exercise, especially the pain occurs near the joints and joints, and joint dysfunction occurs, you should actively seek medical examination.

The purpose of exercise is to be healthy.

However, if you blindly increase the amount of exercise for the sake of health and exercise regardless of your personal physique, it will cause muscle, joint, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular damage.

So, don't go for strenuous exercise, what suits you is the best.

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Written by   77
1 year ago
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