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2 years ago

I dedicate this post to a lady who impressed me today in a news item that I read daily. Imaginens has 293,000 thousand followers on instagram.

Her name is Concha García Zaera. From Valencia España

She draws, I imagine she must be a painter, but the peculiar thing about this is that she does it from Microsft Paint.

For me it is impressive because I have never used paint to make a drawing because I consider it super difficult to do it with the mouse

I must give me an idea of ​​how he will make his drawings, it can be a pc with a touch screen and a touch pen, why if you do it by hand with the mouse, you are the mistress of the mouse

Of course I am shocked, it is his age 90 years, you imagine your grandmother drawing in pain, my grandmother you know is knitting and using a cell phone less and there is my impression

I would like to take an intensive course with her to see if I learn to use paint and dedicate myself to drawing of printing and wanting to publish this, do not do or edit images

here I leave the link of your instangram: conchagzaera


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My daughter does and I have tried Not easy, so kudos to him

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