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Best Summer Destinations in Cebu, Philippines - based on my travel experience

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6 months ago

Summer has finally made its debut! Look and feel at your surroundings. Have you noticed the rise in temperature? How about the rise of your electric bills due to increase electric consumption (aircon/electric fan). Have you noticed people wearing shades in different shapes and sizes? Or perhaps you have noticed difficulty in booking your favorite beaches or resorts. All of these are indications that summer has finally kicks off!

Summer is my/our much awaited season in the Philippines. I am pretty sure you would agree with me. This is the only time of the year where students take a break/vacation from school and freely do cool things summer has to offer. Basking under the sun in a white sand beach is the most popular activity during this season. So break out those bikinis/swimsuits/shorts, slather on sunblocks and show off those bodies you've been working so hard in the gym.

Here are some of best summer destinations in Cebu you can enjoy.

1. Beaches

This is me when I was in Bantayan Island. A white sand in Santa Fe, Bantayan Cebu, Philippines

Cebu has a number of beaches that can be prime destinations to cool off the summer heat. Either you'll go north or southern part of Cebu you will never run out of beach to go to. In northern Cebu is where the beautiful Bantayan and Camotes Island is located. Also in the north of Cebu is where you can find the famous diving spot due to sightings of thresher sharks - Malapascua Island. If you do not want to go beyond the mainland of Cebu, San Remegio and Tabuelan (Maravilla or Durhan Beach). In the southern part of Cebu, Tingko Beach is the perfect choice because of its white sand and turquoise blue water. If you want to go farther Lambug Beach in Badian is also a good choice for summer getaway. Here you can expect a less crowd compare to Moalboal which is also a good diving spot in Cebu because of its rich marine life and gorgeous reef. 

2. Waterfalls

Tumalog Falls in Oslob Cebu Philippines

Waterfalls like the beach also offer a spectacular summer experience. Kawasan Falls is the most famous among the waterfalls in Cebu. The turquoise blue water in its basin enhanced the beauty of Kawasan Falls. It also has 3 layers and half of the pleasure is trekking up to the main water source. This waterfall is about 3-4 hours from the city and is located approximately 1.5 kilometers from the hi-way. Some waterfalls in Cebu that is also worth visiting are the following: In Samboan (Aguinid Falls, Binalayan, and Dao), Ginatilan (Inambakan Falls), Mantayupan falls of Barili, Kabang Falls in Budlaan Talamban and Tumalog Falls of Oslob.

3. Osmena Peak/Mountains in Cebu

Adventure with my LGBT friends

Also in the southern part of Cebu is where its highest peak lies. Osmena Peak is situated in barangay Mantalongon, Dalaguete Cebu and the peak stands proudly at 1000+ MASL. Dalaguete is known as the vegetable basket of the province because of its favorable weather for planting. The town celebrates "Utanon Festival" every 9th and 10th of February which is a form of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest. Another highlight in climbing Osmena Peak is its rugged peak. At the peak the fantastic view of the mountain ranges plus the islets (Badian and Pescador) would certainly delight your senses. If you want to visit Osmena Peak and got no idea how to get there, here is a detailed Osmena Peak guide I previously wrote. Note: Osmena Peak can be crowded at times especially during the weekends where Cebuano campers converge in this mountain. There are several mountains in Cebu you can climb for your summer adventure getaway.

4. Cold Springs

Esoy Hot Spring at Brgy. Duyan, Catmon, Northern Cebu

In a time where stress is just almost everywhere, we need to find a way to detoxify ourselves and cleanse our body and soul. Dipping into natural springs is a great way to regenerate. If you do not want to go far from the city, Uragay Spring or Durano Eco Farm is the nearest cold spring from Cebu city. Other options include Mantawihan and Molobolo Spring in Tuburan, Cambuhawe spring in Balamban, Binaliw Spring in Sogod, and Guiwanon Spring in Tabogon, Cebu.

So there you go...That's just some of my travel experienced to my beloved place, CEBU CITY. Indeed we have a lot of options to choose for our summer getaway. This only shows that there is no need for us Cebuanos to go beyond our province to experience summer.


Irene :)

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Written by   7
6 months ago
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ma papa sana all kana lang talaga. 😍

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6 months ago

Soon dear if everything is okay, set a goal na maka pag travel once in a while. Worth it talaga :)

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6 months ago

This pandemic changes everything, I do have a summer getaway every year but because of pandemic it has been zero for 2 years now.

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6 months ago

Yeah. This pandemic really affect us. Hopefully, if everything is okay. Let's travel again :)

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6 months ago