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If you want to be inspired to paint, then you’ll love this epic list of painting ideas. We narrowed down our top choices and put together our best-of-the-best selection to give you 78 incredible techniques that will spark your creativity and bring art into your life. So, if you're ready to delight your inner artist, dive in!

We start our list with easy creative ideas that you can do right at home–some of which on surfaces that you never thought twice to use as an art medium before. Keep reading until the end for some mind-blowing inspirations that you absolutely need to try with your art supplies.

You’re no longer limited to chalkboards and sidewalks when you have these versatile and vibrant liquid chalk pens. Non-toxic, ghost-free, dustless, and completely erasable on non-porous surfaces, you can use these chalkboard markers on your windows for hours on end without any smudges, hassle, or mess. They’re completely fun to use, you can easily practice drawing and painting in different ways, and you can change up your window art anytime you want to make your home, or your place of business, extra colorful and eye-catching.

Who knew you can turn rocks into art pieces?! Acrylic paint pens are all the rage these days because of their versatility and rich pigments. They work beautifully on virtually any surface, like canvas bags, fabrics, plastics, and more so you can create art on mostly anything found around the house. Go from doing fine details to bold strokes with the paint markers’ reversible nib, so you can paint on either small or big surfaces with ease. Try it with the kids and design a colorful set of rock paperweights!

Practice Painting Food With Watercolor

Food, particularly cake, is one of the best subjects to practice your painting skills on. Why? For one, cake has layers, details, and subtle color gradients that you can replicate on paper with a fine brush pen and Chalkola’s smooth and blendable watercolor paint. Like baking, painting with watercolor also requires the right mix of water to get things just right, so this is great practice to keep perfecting your painting skills.

Paper Marbling With Jumbo Chalk Markers

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘markers.’ Chalkola’s jumbo markers have so many other creative uses on top of drawing and coloring. With their extra large size and 3-in-1 15mm nib, you can actually pump out enough ink to apply the paper marbling technique using chalk markers, and come up with your own color combinations and unique patterns!

Paint Your Shoes Using Acrylic Paint Pens

Because acrylic paint marker pens work on any surface, you can easily refresh so many pieces in your wardrobe–even your canvas shoes! Aside from painting on bags, shirts, and denims to name a few, you can step up your shoe game by putting your own stamp of creativity on an old pair, or a new one, with acrylic paint pens. No brush needed, just uncap your markers and create away.

Painted Buntings With Washable Dot Markers

Celebrating a holiday, family occasion, or milestone? Whatever it may be, nothing says ‘fun party’ more than colorful DIY buntings strung along your walls–something you can create with the kids using non-toxic washable markers. Paint rainbows, do different dot artworks, or add extra sparkling accents with the washable dot markers with shimmer–you’ve got endless creative options to choose from!

Paint Postcards With Watercolors

Now more than ever, sending out greeting cards or postcards is such a wonderful and meaningful way to connect with loved ones. And what better way to express your creativity and show some love at the same time than by sending the people you care about a watercolor painted postcard inspired by your happy place.

Flower Painting And Journaling Using Watercolor Pens

Sometimes, our thoughts and feelings are best expressed through art. A great way to do that and to practice painting with watercolor pens at the same time is through keeping a journal, which you can fill with your favorite blooms or those that surround you throughout the seasons. This will show beautifully in your journal as your flowers change colors and transition from summer to spring.

Recreate A Famous Painting With Chalk Markers

With your non-porous chalkboard and your favorite set of chalk markers, you can easily recreate a famous painting like The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh -- a fun piece to start with because of its bold strokes and almost abstract style. The great thing about this project is you won’t have to replace your canvas or start from scratch whenever you mess up as liquid chalk pens are completely erasable on any non-porous surface–you just wipe it off and paint again. So what’re you waiting for? Let’s Gogh!

Paint On Clay With Acrylics

Combine gardening and painting with this exciting art project. Using your paint brush and acrylics, refresh your clay garden pots by adding your own brand of creativity on them. You can go for nature-inspired designs or do color blocking for a minimalist look. If you have a lot of clay pots to spare, then you have more surfaces to get creative on!

Paint A Rainbow Tile Design With Washable Dot Markers

Need inspiration for your next artwork? Look to the floor and recreate that tile pattern you’ve always admired. If there’s none, paint one! Washable dot markers for kids aren’t just for the young ones to enjoy. In fact, because the markers can create a perfect dot by just dabbing them on paper, you can easily do all kinds of patterns and designs.

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Topics: Blogging, Life, Writing, Story, Experience, ...
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