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Multilevel marketing or MLM as they are, the abbreviated have been around for quite some time. it is a multibillion-dollar industry not only in the United States but all across the planet. There have been successful MLM stories in Europe and even in southeast Asia.

Although multilevel marketing businesses can be given the credit of creating millionaires, it has also been subject to quite a scammy image. There have been instances of companies going bankrupt and allegations of payments not being made. All the challenges faced by the MLM industry boil down to trust, traceability, and transparency. All these three challenges can be effectively addressed by the decentralized digital ledger called the blockchain.

What is multi-level marketing?

As the name suggests, yes reference marketing method that involves transcending multiple levels in an attempt to directly sell products or services surpassing all the retail intermediaries. The cost saved is distributed as a commission for every referral sale made.

However, instead of considering every sale at its individual capacity, MLM businesses plus the benefits of a sale not only to the person who referred it but also to the other people in the levels above the referrer.

As you can infer, you can earn your profit in the MLM business by earning commissions from direct sales or by referring other people under you. The preferring of people at different levels gives rise to the term “multi level marketing“.

The challenges

Multi-level marketing has a lot of mathematical challenges. In addition, there are also a few deterrence that has been stopping people from actively embracing this board of business.

The compensation plans involve multiple levels, making them increasingly convoluted. It becomes difficult for an MLM member to understand the plan and to calculate how much they would earn.

There have been instances of a specific sale being wrongly traced to a person who might not be the rightful recipient of the rewards. This has created chaos in the MLM system, and the instances seem to increase with the growing volume of members.

Merging MLM and blockchain

We have already seen that blockchain technology has all the solutions that the MLM industry needs. although the technology is at its most nascent levels, there has been one MLM that has effectively used the technology to create the first blockchain-based MLM. Today, the brand Forsage is synonymous with the confluence of MLM and blockchain.

How does Forsage work?

Just like any other MLM, you can join Forsage by using a referral code from an existing member. You will need to refer three members under your name, and based on the number of referrals that they can give, you can earn your rewards.

The entry fee for Forsage is a measly 0.05 Ethereum, which equates to about $35. This makes the MLM extremely affordable unlike a lot of mainstream multi-level marketing companies that charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to register.

The MLM can be accessed by using either a mobile app or a desktop wallet. The mobile app preferred by Forsage is TrustWallet, and Metamask is used for desktops. Forsage opens up possibilities for making money by working in your spare time.

Advantages of a decentralized MLM

An inherent disadvantage of the existing MLM ecosystem is its centralization. An inevitable outcome of centralization is the susceptibility to collapse. There have been a lot of multi-level marketing businesses that have shut shop because of the inefficacious management. 

With a decentralized MLM, the business is capable of running no matter what! This extent of fail-proof automation can be attributed to the smart contract that governs the functioning of the MLM and all the associated activities including but not limited to referrals, payments, and onboarding.

This introduces a totally different dimension not only to the MLM business world but the entire landscape of sales and marketing. With the assurance that there will not be any delay or inaccuracies in your payment, it is quite possible that the participants are more enthusiastic in working for a decentralized multi-level marketing company like Forsage.

The proliferation

The success of Forsage has prompted a lot of crypto entrepreneurs to start their own blockchain-based MLM business. It requires specialized blockchains and smart contracts. Generally, the go-to blockchain is Ethereum or a variant of Ethereum designed specifically for the MLM business called TRON.

Smart contracts are self executing programs designed to automatically execute certain tasks conditionally upon certain attributes and parameters. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the smart contract is the epicenter of the blockchain technology, and MLM businesses that use the technology.

Building a blockchain-based MLM like Forsage

One of the key elements in building a business like Forsage is the technical foundation. Forsage is a grand culmination of a lot of entities like an impeccable and intuitive user interface, robust blockchain, then efficient smart contract, and the capacity to process thousands of transactions per second.

It might be quite a cumbersome undertaking to build a smart contract MLM like Forsage. Instead of building a smart contract-based MLM like Forsage from scratch, you can go for a Forsage clone script. A Forsage MLM clone script is available as a product and can be customized in line with your MLM operations. It also reduces the possibility of glitches that might interfere with the basic functionality of the product. With an MLM platform like Forsage clone, you can launch your MLM business in a short time, Increasing the possibilities of your profitability. 

Although the Forsage MLM Clone Software contains all the essential features in tact, it is, for a crypto entrepreneur, important to know the basic features.

Features of a Forsage smart contract MLM Software

A proper decentralized multi-level marketing system should have dedicated interfaces for the user and the administrator. 

For a user, the Forsage clone script provides a 100% decentralized MLM business platform. The platform also includes a robust smart contract that can handle transactions, compensations, commissions, and every other part of the MLM business.

Although the entire ecosystem runs on crypto, the first payment needs to be made using fiat currency. To facilitate this, the platform should be integrated with a robust payment gateway capable of excepting multiple payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, Internet banking, wallet, and other cryptocurrencies.

It is to be remembered that people who participate in the MLM business are common people and might not have the technical expertise it requires to understand blockchain, cryptocurrency, and even decentralization. Therefore, they will need to be provided with a dashboard that enables easy execution of desired actions. The dashboard should be interactive, intuitive, and as minimal as possible.

The user should be able to easily sign up for the MLM. The sign-up process should automatically create a profile that maintains a history of all the transactions. Since the entire transaction history is stored on the blockchain, the possibility of records being tampered with remains minimal.

The platform should be designed in such a way that it does not put any pressure on the user to complete certain limits and targets by time or numbers. Needless to say, the platform should also have a referral system in place that will complete the MLM ecosystem.

Just like the user, the administrator is also provided with certain features that make it easy for them to manage the MLM system.

It is to be remembered that although the entire platform is decentralized, the kickstart of the process requires an administrator to be in place to configure certain areas. The blockchain for the smart contract-based MLM should be built in such a way that it can handle about 1 million users. In fact, the reason for TRON being preferred over Ethereum for smart contract-based multilevel marketing businesses is the higher capacity of handling transactions.

The administrator should be able to integrate a highly secure cryptocurrency wallet with the MLM platform. The cryptocurrency wallet should not be susceptible to hacks and other malicious actions. 

The administrator should be provided with a dashboard that will give them all the vital bits of information in a single shot. they should also be given a provision to track participants and their transactions. Making multiple metrics schemes available and ensuring a platform without scams goes a long distance in cementing the place of your decentralized MLM like Forsage as a dependable source of income.


For the classic definition of business, multi-level marketing came in as a big bliss, transforming the way In which people viewed business, sales, and marketing. In the same way, the classic definition of MLM has been shattered by the intervention of technology like blockchain.

if you would like to launch your own decentralized MLM business on a blockchain like Ethereum or TRON, all you need to do is get in touch with the company that specializes in the creation and customization of the Forsage clone script. The company will take care of not only to provide you with a perfect Forsage MLM clone but will also go the distance in perfecting the product in line with your business requirements. This will help you launch your blockchain-based MLM in the shortest possible time.

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