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Audit In Nevada, Hard Evidence- A LOT Of Voter Fraud

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2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)

What is typically considered a serious and illegal assault on our voting system....{Which insures our government is one that the people actually want} now being largely ignored due to the media covering it up and even lying about it. Some politicians are aknowledging it because they've been shown undeniable evidence of all sorts. But even a lot of them are acting like it's not a big deal.

And for the people who's rights are being violated making their votes next to worthless...?

We're being told to 'move on' as if this fraud that has been done on a massive scale in at least 4 key states should just be ignored. Even though as a direct result of the fraud, "We The People" may get a President they really don't want. {Think about what happened to Venezuela} But this also victimizes the candidate that received more LEGITIMATE votes than anyone in U.S. history.

When fraudulent votes are being counted, the amount of actual votes of honest citizens don't even matter anymore. Then there goes our Democracy.

America used to be a proud example of 'Government done by the consent of the Governed'.... Democracy.

We preached about fair elections. The importance of voting. Bla, bla, bla.... ect.

Well that stuff IS important if we don't want to end up like under a dictator.

Below I will list examples and facts that lead the rant above....


There's literally so much evidence of fraud that from the U.S. Presidential election that this article would be WAY too log to read comfortably. So I am going to use just Nevada's ugly mess as an example.

Here is a short yet information filled video from a Senate hearing discussing problems with voter fraud....

If you'd rather just read about it I'll continue below with a summary of it.

An audit was done by data scientists that compared actual votes against other official records like public records.

--They found at least 42,000 people that had voted twice.

--Over 1,500 dead people voted.

--More than 19,000 non-residents of Nevada voted.

--Over 8,000 additional votes from addresses that don't even exist.

--At least 15,000 other votes came were from vacant lots and non-residential or commercial addresses.

--Over 4,000 non-citizens of the U.S. voted.

The audit uncovered actual hard facts that are verifiable in court for over 130,000 fraudulent votes....

Over all, about 130,000 UNIQUE & separate CASES of provable voter fraud were found in just this audit.


If this next one doesn't convince you of voter fraud, I can't imagine what would. Tis was not only done on a massive scale, but was ORGANISED by groups that knew what they were doing....

2 whistleblowers that were technical workers came forward SEPARATELY reporting that the numbers of votes that were being counted by the voting machines would CHANGE during the hours when the polls were closed. When counting was NOT supposed to be going on.

When the experts doing the audit asked to do a forensic examination of the USB drives for the machines for the audit, they were denied access.

When the data scientists tried to obtain documents from Clark County, the County officials stonewalled them. So they filed suit, then even the courts delayed only to finally give them an inadequate amount of time to argue their cases.

Hard to believe this is happening in the U.S. huh?


Yet youtube already took down one copy of the above video! And mainstream media is STILL parroting that there's been no real evidence of fraud!

How DARE they so knowingly and blatantly lie to the people like this?

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Written by   337
2 years ago (Last updated: 1 year ago)
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