7,152 Pedophiles Released Under 1 Year Lock-Up In California!

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3 months ago

California has had a big problem with overly crowded prisons for a long time now. Recently; this past year; they came up with a new solution to this problem. They decided to create a policy to release all of the non-violent prisoners from prisons and jails.

It sounds like great great idea. Especially since most people believe that those types of crimes shouldn't have long punishments anyway.

BUT, unfortunately they didn't have the commen sense to not include actual convicted pedophiles !!

In the United States, when someone is charged with a crime they have titles for all of the various things that that a person could be charged with. So that all crimes are recognize by the court system. This also helps keep the judicial system more fair. And prevents police officers from abusing their power & prevents other corruption.

BUT- Prisoners charged with and or convicted of a specific crime called-- "Lude or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age", are not 'technically' considered violent criminals because of the way that this charge is worded.

Yet anyone in their right mind or with some basic commen sense would definitely agree that these particular prisoners are a very real danger to society. Pedophilia is not a victimless crime. It's even worse than most because they target our young defenses kids.

A lot of people; me included; see this crime as worse than most types of violence with the exception of murder or homicide as they call it of course.

And some of these child predators have been charged with this crime when they did things to their victims that are even worse than rape. To go into details explaining how this works would be going too far. This subject is uncomfortable enough as it is.

( I'd rather be beaten-up than raped any day. Plus, these are KIDS that are UNDER the age of just 14 years old!! )

How can they not see the danger in this? Does the government in the State of Californiano longer care about the safety of our children anymore?

This is totally unacceptable!

Yet, not only is it happening, but has ALREADY been done....

The video below goes into more details about this--

( Just in California. That's just ONE state! )

7,152 convicted pediphiles have been released from prisons after spending LESS than 1 year locked-up after conviction!

Do they not have at least one sensible person working in the government in California that thought to speak up and say....

"Hey, maybe we shouldn't be including these predator sickos that target little kids along with all of these other non-violent convicted criminals."


"Maybe we should make certain exceptions for a certain types of convictions and or situations."

This particular crime SHOULD be an obvious one for that list of exceptions!

It really baffles my mind that no one in the government in the State of California spoke up to put a stop to this serious & very dangerous issue!

If you have loved ones that live in The state of California that have children, please warn them about this careless and stupid new policy. This way they can take extra appropriate precautions to keep their children safe.

With all of the other idiotic things that the government there is doing, I would just move out.

It's really too bad though, because California is the state with the best weather out of all of the other places in the United States. They do have earthquakes though.

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3 months ago


Government thugs protecting their weaker siblings so they can become politicians also.

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