Weekly $PHT Earnings Report (2)

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1 year ago

This week I hit almost 6k coins with Cloud Earning PHT app. To be exact currently I'm at 5925 coins.

In Crypto Planet I forgot to start Incubator once, but that didn't affect my earnings to much. Right now I'm at 2868 PHT coins. This is my worst earning game since, as I said before, I used Crypto Chest and spend a lot of coins for basically nothing.

Crypto Cards is my best earning game again. I'm still on level 5 and have 7k experience points until level 6. All games are generous with coins when you move onto next level, so getting xp is quite lucrative. I have here 13534 coins and I'm almost there to withdraw on 20k.

There are news on Phoneum website about plans for this month to reduce withdrawal limit in all games. That will be really, really awesome.

In Crypto Treasures I have 5925 coins right now. There was this person who contacted me on Twitter about Crypto Treasures and how he makes a lot of money with Game Master addition. Dude, that addition costs $140. Are you insane in the membrane? With $140 I would buy and stake crypto and I wouldn't even play Phoneum. Dude.

In Green Karma I advanced to level 8 and that gave me a lot of oxygen tokens, over 3k and good amount of PHT coins. I have total of 3886 coins there.

So let's sum up everything:

  • Cloud Earning app - 5925 coins

  • Crypto Planet - 2868 coins

  • Crypto Cards - 13534 coins

  • Crypto Treasures - 5925 coins

  • Green Karma - 3886 coins

Total = 32138 coins (7515 coins up from last week)

Unfortunately, PHT coin price is at this moment at its lowest 3 month level.

With price of $0.0001968 I have $6,32 witch is less than previous week. Dude.

So do I continue with this quest?

Yes, at least until I withdraw the money for the first time.

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1 year ago