Second Pegaxy rental and more goal chasing problems

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_ Episode 15 _

March 2022

Hello. In my recent articles I wrote about my Pegaxy game experience, how I started playing Pegaxy and what I think about it. Also mentioned game rental problem and how I got lucky to grab 1% profit share Pega.

The big news is I got lucky again!

This time I managed to rent 5% profit share Pega. After reading this post by @infinity - 100% sure method. Pegaxy Shared Profit from Marketplace I followed his instructions to update Metamask wallet settings and hurried to rental page. In a few minutes managed to rent one. Now I'm not sure if this was actually helpful tip or pure luck because I'm still trying to rent more but no success.

How many Pega can you rent at the same time anyway?

Achilles | NES is Campona Pacer Male with 25.3% winning rate.

I'm playing with it for a few days now. Had to return Intimidating Chaser since 1% share is really, really low. Imo Pegaxy should limit minimum profit share to 5% or something like that, values below that really give this negative picture of this cool game. I mean if you look at the numbers and let's say you rent 1% profit share Pega. You play for a day and you win 250 VIS tokens, at current price $0.03 per VIS you will get 2.5 VIS or $0.075 and the owner gets the rest which is 247.5 VIS or $7.425! That's really ridiculous. Why should that kind of option even exist in the game? There should be minimum profit share percentage of 5 or even 10.

What do you think?

Anyway while saving for my BuyPegaFund I'm playing with Achilles for a few days now. As I said before I never cross 10 energies with my Pega and I keep this schedule.

Right now I collected 50 VIS tokens with renting and I also have 170 tokens from earlier.

Btw, Pegaxy has just introduces in-game exchange where you can swap VIS, PGX, USDT and Matic. Still little buggy anyway.

My goal of course has become to buy my own Pega as soon as possible. When I do I'll play it myself, but if I really don't have the time for playing I'll rent it for 50% share. I'm not greedy and I can see how hard is to become part of the guild.

I published on Twitter about my renting experience and I used #pegaxyscholarship and suddenly there are these guys asking to be jockeys (they thought I'm the owner of the Pega I rented). Dived deeper into similar tweets and it's just incredible how much are people trying to grab a good deal. So I think 'managers' should act like human being and not like a**holes thinking they are some other level.

It's a game after all.

So after the fiasco with Fire, EmberSwap and Ember token I decided to take everything I have (which is not that much) and convert it for my BuyPegaFund.

The only one I didn't touch is my WBCH / SIDX farm on Mist.

So right now I'm at 18% of my goal :)

Thanks for reading

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In the next episode (16) you can read about interesting crypto earning game I found (already received first payments).

Until than, take care.

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Wow, that is so amazing and great 👍

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