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Playing the trading game on smartBCH (week 2)

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8 months ago

Disclaimer: Nothing in this article should be interpreted as financial advice. I am only explaining how I do something. I'm not telling you to do anything. I'm also not implying that you should do anything that is shown or explained here. I'm also not saying that it is a good or a bad idea to do anything that you see here. You decide for yourself what you want and what you don't want to do with your own money, crypto and life. 

A lot changed since last week. The biggest change is rapid growth of Tropical Finance DEX and Daiquiri token.

I was lucky enough to buy Daiquiri while it was around 0.20 and in the same time APR on Pools is still high enough. I have Daiquiri pool investment which gave me return of 100% and I have FlexUSD pool investment which wasn't much profitable but still ok.

I have 80% more Daiquiri tokens because of compound pool feature. If you also consider token price growth I have good return. Bought 88 Daiquiri and currently I have 144.

My Mist/Flex farm is still there, that's investment for a longer period.


Daiquiri 144 tokens ($41) - Tropical Finance Pool

FlexUSD 19.77 tokens ($19.77) - Tropical Finance Pool

Mist 417 tokens ($7.9) - MistSwap farm

FlexUSD ($8.29) - MistSwap farm

DAO 20000 ($0.24) - wallet from airdrop

Total: $77.2

Again, every cent here is earnings from Noise and Read. I consider this as a game, a way to learn more about smartBCH, ecosystem and community more than really make some serious money.

One very interesting token is SmartIndex (SIDX). First deflationary and governance token linked to a managed portfolio on SmartBCH. Why it is interesting to me is because you can actually track their performance via portfolio tracker page. Since price of SIDX is in constant growth that means their decisions are good and you can actually mimic their portfolio to extend.

I don't have any SIDX tokens right now, but its on my radar as well as LAW token.

Also I have created a twitter list with all the relevant players on smartBCH chain to track latest news, which you can also follow if you like.

That's it for this week. Free tips almost disappeared on Noise last few days so less BCH to invest right now.

Thank you for reading.

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Written by   25
8 months ago
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