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PipeFlare Earnings Math

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1 year ago
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Are all crypto faucets disaster?

When starting from zero faucets are places where you find some hope I guess, you are sold dust for your time, email and maybe some personal data.

If you do have a lot of time to spare and you had bad luck to be born in low income part of this planet, then why not, use them all, squeeze every last satoshi you can.

Some of the good ones are Adbtc, Coinpayu and CryptoWin (affiliate links).

And then you have PipeFlare.

You may be intrigued because they have triple daily faucet. Every day you get some ZCASH a little bit of DOGE and some Flare. Now Flare isn't a real coin, it's their internal token and with it you can't do much except for staking it for some distant future when Flare becomes real coin and then ... If it becomes but I doubt it.

Now let's do some math.

Here is how much ZCASH daily you can get.

Current ZCASH price is $131.25 times 0.00001303 is $0.0017.

That's 0.2 cents per day. If you visit their website every day for a year, you'll have at the end of that year 62 cents :) Bonus included.

How about DOGE you may wonder?

Current DOGE price is $0.28 times 0.005632 is $0.0015

That's 0.15 cents per day. Even better you can withdraw your DOGE only after you collect 1 DOGE. So how many days you need for that? Exactly 178 days. So you need to visit their website half a year and you'll get 28 cents.

You do have a chance to 'earn' more if you get some referrals but it sounds more like MLM scheme than anything else.

So yes, that's PipeFlare earnings math.

Make yourself a favor, stay away from it and if your friends are in doubt show them this article, they will know they have a good friend.

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Written by   25
1 year ago
Topics: Crypto, Free, BTC, Lesson
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