April 2022 earnings report from Read and Noise

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10 months ago

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_ Episode 34 _

May 2022


this is my first monthly report on earnings using Read.cash and Noise.cash platforms, even though I'm here for 11 months already. I wasn't very active at start and now I'm trying to be as much as I can.

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In April I posted 9 articles on Read, got total 39 likes and had total 210 views.

My total earnings from articles is $18.76

I have also managed to increase number of subscribers to 24 which is great.

Here is the breakdown of earnings by article.

"Opening my second Season rewards loot chests in Splinterlands"

(earnings: $4.46 - likes: 8 - views: 10)

"Kev and Ivan joined my deck of cards in Raising Star play2earn crypto game"

(earnings: $0.84 - likes: 2 - views: 12)

"New Exploring smartBCH post series"

(earnings: $0.80 - likes: 3 - views: 33)

"My first ever Splinterlands Season Rewards"

(earnings: $2.30 - likes: 1 - views: 22)

"Pegaxy players are furious and dropping the game"

(earnings: $2.02 - likes: 5 - views: 28)

"How I mined Neomonkey on Planet Neri while searching for Trilium"

(earnings: $2.90 - likes: 6 - views: 22)

"Sueldito game turns to classic Ponzi scam"

(earnings: $0.57 - likes: 2 - views: 21)

"Cheap Acoustic Guitar for next level in Raising Star play 2 earn game"

(earnings: $2.41 - likes: 6 - views: 31)

"Two NFTs won in Dungeon Master"

(earnings: $2.46 - likes: 6 - views: 31)

Only 9 article, that's not enough off course, there are people here writing every day and they are really inspiration, so I'll try to increase my efforts.

For Noise earnings I can't really tell of total because there is earnings in comments etc and it's not really possible for me to keep track of every single comments, that would be really time consuming.

I have posted on Noise 59 direct posts in April which is 2 per day. I'm posting only when I really want something to publish. I do have over 570 subscribers and that's incredible for me. So I've made $4.13 on Noise with direct posts but I guess total is much higher.

Anyway my best performing post is below (image) earned almost as some Read posts, so do not underestimate the power of Noise for earning BitcoinCash.

My goal for May is to increase followers, write at least 10 posts on Read and comment and read other bloggers as much as I can.

Thanks for reading!

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I just bought new strings for my guitar, I cannot wait to paly it and learn new songs!

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metal or plastic?

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metal of course! (nickel) Ernie Ball 10.5-52s, Mondo Slinky!

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