How to Heal Traumatic Experiences in Childhood

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A childhood traumatic experience may have affected today’s psychology and behavior. It is an experience that will put someone in danger. Most people respond to trauma with stress, and, of course, it will have a negative psychological and physiological effect on a person.

Causes of Trauma

Trauma can be caused by a single event in your childhood, such as the loss of your mom, stress over time, abusive parents, and some other causes. Some events can cause trauma that includes:

·  Neglect

·  Emotional abuse

·  Physical abuse

·  Accident

· The loss of someone that you love.

When we get a traumatic experience, there will be two types of response that we use to protect ourselves from danger.

1. Active responses like anger, anxiety, fight, and aggression

2.Passive responses like freezing depression, dissociation, and some other things

Tips to Heal Your Trauma

Why is a childhood traumatic experience dangerous? Children are considered helpless and weak. When all kids go through a traumatic experience, they can’t defend themselves. They can’t do big things because they are still kids and weak. They will develop their brains quickly, and they will require a lot of support, care, and acceptance from others during this time. When they lose all of the supportive elements in their lives, they will grow through traumatic experiences until they reach adulthood. When you experience a traumatic event in your childhood, you better know some ways to heal your childhood trauma.

1.It is important to find information about your condition. Today, you can browse and then search for related information about your trauma. You can also call for professional help. You can share with the expert all of the things that you feel.

2.You need to express your emotions. There are some ways to express your emotions positively. You can write books, make movies, create art, and do other things that can express and transfer your emotions to something more valuable. Writing and making art are effective ways to help with trauma healing.

3. You should process your memories. You need to understand what happened to you and why it was done. When you can understand it, then you can forgive your abuser or even seek revenge.

4. The last thing that you can do to heal from your trauma in childhood is to seek support. Humans always need to be supported by others. It helps to regulate their stress. You can choose people who are close to you, such as your best friend or someone that you love. You can share it with them and then get support from them. Please make sure that you create good connections with other people to create a better life in the future.

Overcoming your trauma-related concerns is the most efficient way to tell your brain that you are no longer in danger. Trauma-related anxieties, unlike conventional phobias, are particularly difficult to overcome. For example, if you've never driven a car before, you may experience some worry and anxiety the first few times. It's just something you've never done before, and your fear originates solely from that fact. Now, you can try some tips to heal your childhood traumatic experience.

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we must give love to our children so that they are not traumatized in the future

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It's true that we must love them because they are part of us, and we must take responsibility for raising them to be good children

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