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Never Take For Granted

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3 weeks ago
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I used to think that is a lot better in terms of earning BCH. Imagine you could earn at least $8 daily for just 1 article. If you get so lucky, you could have more and when I say more, it is MOOOOORE than you could ever imagine. But gone are the days when most of my BCH comes from one source. Just a few months back, has been making a bang on my wallet and even beat my - September. I'm sure many are experiencing the same, so those who are enjoying the perks of having a noise account, CONGRATS!

Since I just started tracking my monthly earnings in BCH amount last month, I'll just compare my September to my previous report. This is to give you an idea that can be a life-changing platform if you just do your part and provide good to excellent quality in each post you make. So allow me to share with you my previous noise earnings vs my current noise for this month.

Before we do, as always, let me just remind everyone that this post of me sharing my earnings is not to brag about the amount of BCH I earned but rather to give you an idea, especially the newbies, why we should not take for granted. If you do, you could lose a chance to earn more.

Noise - August: $197.57 (0.30738154 BCH)

In July, I earned $195.99 but not sure how much it is in BCH, which makes it hard for me to do a comparison. So glad I started to track down in August, though. As you can see, I earned 0.30 BCH last month, and the best part of that is I only earned that amount in 2 weeks.

You probably know the reason why but for the sake of those who just happen to read my article for the first time, allow me to explain why. In 2 weeks, I did not earn anything as my heart-tip value was totally 0. It was frustrating, to be honest, but I accepted my fate as I knew I also had my lapses there. So I continued making noise as if nothing happened, and my loyalty has been rewarded after that.

Having to earn 0.30 BCH in 2 weeks was an achievement for me. I think that would be the most unexpected earnings so far.

Feel free to read this: August Report: Is It A Yay Or A Nay?

Noise - September: $203.45 (0.40625496 BCH)

As of September 27, I already have 0.40 BCH. I think this is no longer a surprise for me coz if I managed to earn 0.30 in 2 weeks, how much more in 1 month. This is why I'm doing my best not to violate any of the rules again. I avoided the F-word or the Forbidden word just to make sure I won't get in trouble again.

So what are the F-words?

  • G1veaways

  • A1rdr0ps

  • C0ntests

These are the F-words that are proven and tested that can trigger your account from not earning. If you don't believe me, why not try it yourself. Just don't tell me I didn't warn you, though. Oh, and make sure you use the correct spellings to see if they work. Aside from these F-words, be sure not to do the following:

  • Begging for subscribers, tips, and support

  • Commenting nonsense or the so-called out of this world comments

  • Spamming the platform by posting several times in just an hour

  • Making too short posts (don't be lazy and write something worthy of the tips)

  • Copying posts and photos from other users or elsewhere and post it as if it was yours

  • Doing the obvious NO-NOs

  • Cheating the system

So what's the best way to earn more on Simple. Just enjoy the platform, focus on making new friends, and follow the rules. If you're too focused on making money, chances are, you'll get frustrated once you don't hit the target or when you see other noisers getting more while you don't. So focus on the bright side and the other benefits will just come to you when you least expect them.

Anyway, so we still have 3 days left. Hopefully, I could still add a little more. I didn't know I already have 0.40 BCH from making noise until I write this. What even surprises me is that I've surpassed my earnings from for this month. I guess the reason behind this is due to 3 missed articles for September. Last month, I was able to accomplish 1 article a day. Now, if I want to improve my earnings on, I need to write 3 more to catch up with my goal.


Click the photo to see the entire list

I didn't expect this to be one of the Top 10 Most Followed Noisers here. Thank you to all of you for making it possible.

Closing thoughts

I will always be grateful to the admins for creating Aside from earning extra BCH, I met more awesome people there that have been my friends ever since. I am also thankful for my awesome subscribers aka friends for always showing their support to me.

Thank you so much!

I also hope this article will inspire others who are struggling to earn or experiencing the 0 heart-tip value to never give up and just continue posting good quality posts. You may not be earning a lot today, but you will eventually.

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Written by   883
3 weeks ago
Topics: Noise.Cash, Earnings
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