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Total Value Locked In DeFi Now Stands At $4 Billion

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2 months ago

Just last week, we reported that the total value locked in DeFi breached the $3 billion mark.

Now, less than a week later, we’re back to report that this figure has hit $4 billion.

It took a meager three days for an extra $1 billion to pour into DeFi protocols, with the $4 billion mark being reached on Friday.

At the moment, the three biggest protocols in terms of value locked are Maker (MKR)Compound, and Synthetix.

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Wooow, Sir @Blokblog I am kearning real good on your short but essential trading and crypto tips. Thanks!

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2 months ago

i learn a lot from this

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2 months ago

It is crazy the amount of money locked on those DeFi smart contracts!

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2 months ago

I know. That's a crap load of money.

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2 months ago