xHumanity is a Social Media Platform With Blockchain Technology

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People used to socialize through face-to-face conversations or by using letters. But now is the modern era, where to socialize people do not need to have face-to-face conversations or even send letters, which is outdated, people can use social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to be able to socialize with many people without regional boundaries. Users can send messages, share pictures or videos, or make voice or video calls, and do many other things that can be done using social media platforms.

However, as we all know, most of today's social media platforms use a centralized system which makes them prone to manipulation or sale of user data, and various other problems. Therefore, xHumanity was launched to become a social media platform that will help users to socialize and at the same time maintain their security and privacy. xHumanity is a social media that adopt blockchain technology, with solutions like this allowing xHumanity to operate in a decentralized and secure manner for all users.

Adaptive Social Media System

Recently, the public was shocked by a case where the social media platform Facebook sold the personal data of their 87 million users to Cambridge Analytica for political purposes. This is detrimental to users whose personal data is sold to parties they do not know and also these users do not get a penny from this agreement. This problem occurs because social media such as Facebook operate with a centralized system which allows Facebook as a platform to collect and use user data for their purposes. Problems like this can be overcome with blockchain technology which offers a decentralized system and secure data protection, and this can be found in xHumanity. xHumanity is a social media that adopt blockchain technology to be able to present a social media platform that is decentralized and free of manipulation and misuse of data. Just like other social media, on xHumanity users can post, photos, videos, send descriptive messages and many other things that can be done on xHumanity.

Trust is something that is valuable nowadays, especially on social media platforms where a lot of users' personal data is vulnerable to misuse. And with blockchain technology, we can secure all user personal data and do not allow hacking or intervention from unauthorized parties.

xHumanity Features

xHumanity is a social media integrated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency which will provide security and operate in a decentralized manner. The features offered by xHumanity enable users to communicate with other users, making xHumanity a platform for their community or as a workplace. But that's not all, there are several other features of xHumanity:

  • xHumanity Wallet: A digital wallet developed by xHumanity to facilitate P2P, cross-marketing, messaging, and user payments.

  • Decentralized System: To make xHumanity different from other social media platforms, the developer developed xHumanity with a decentralized system which makes it more fair and transparent. xHumanity will be governed by the community through consensus, not a one-sided decision.

  • Rewards: Unlike other social media platforms that do not reward users, xHumanity rewards in the form of reputation and xCRED coins for user actions.

  • Up Votes and Down-Votes: Users can give upvotes or downvotes to other users.

  • Human Values: The higher the reputation of a user, the more different the votes they give. This is intended to be able to distinguish the votes given by fake accounts or bots.

  • Advertising System: Ads that appear on xHumanity will be adjusted according to the user's reputation. The higher their reputation the fewer ads they will see.

  • No Middleman: The xHumanity digital wallet allows direct transactions between users, enabling payments without going through a middleman which results in lower fees.


xHumanity has two native tokens launched under the names xDNA and xCRED. The xCRED token will be used on the platform and the xDNA token will be launched on the Ethereum Network with ERC-20 protocols and will be used outside the platform, these two tokens have different functions but they are inseparable units. Every user who holds the xCRED token has the right to access products and vote on governance. xCRED tokens will also be used as payments and rewards. The xDNA token will be used outside the platform and has a fixed exchange rate determined by the community. Users can freely exchange xCRED tokens to xDNA or vice versa. To be able to get xDNA tokens, users can buy xDNA tokens on platforms like UNISWAP.

To conclude

Now, this is the modern era where many people use social media platforms to be able to socialize with others, share photos, videos, make calls and do many other things. But today's social media platforms are not as secure as they say, there are many cases of selling or hacking user data that harm users. And xHumanity is here as a social media platform that will facilitate various user needs such as social platforms, messaging, payments, etc. Integrated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, xHumanity offers a decentralized social media platform that is more innovative and different than usual. Various issues such as the security and privacy of users' personal data will be solved by blockchain solutions. xHumanity will be a decentralized social media platform that will provide security and benefits to users around the world.

Connect with xHumanity

WEB: https://xhumanity.org/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/xHumanity1
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/xHumanityofficial

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