WellBe Coin is a Cryptocurrency for the Fitness Industry

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In modern times like today, health is an expensive thing, therefore many of the modern people exercise in places such as parks or fitness facilities. However, most people, especially those who live in cities, prefer to exercise at fitness facilities. In fitness facilities, people can find various equipment that they can use properly and easily, usually, fitness facilities will provide trainers who will help users. Due to the increasing public interest in fitness facilities, it is not surprising that the fitness market is very potential. In the United States alone, the market for gyms, health & fitness clubs reaches $ 37.0bn with growth reaching 7.2% in 2021 and will continue to increase in the next few years. This proves that the fitness industry is very potential.

The fitness industry has the potential to develop, but it would be even better if this industry was combined with cryptocurrencies, such as that offered by WellBe Coin, a cryptocurrency specifically designed for the fitness industry around the world. WellBe Coin is aimed at players in the fitness and sports industry, so they can adopt WellBe Coin for their various purposes. With WellBe Coin we can combine the world of crypto and fitness, and enable users to make transactions through the most user-friendly, secure, and reliable platform.

Cryptocurrency for Fitness and Sport Industry

Nowadays most people still use conventional payments in their everyday life. Especially in the fitness and sports market, conventional payments are still used by many people, even though this is not efficient, especially in a pandemic like today whereby reducing the use of fiat currency can reduce the spread of covid-19. This is what WellBe Coin wants to change, which is a cryptocurrency aimed at players in the fitness and sports industry globally. WellBe Coin removes the barrier between the world of crypto and fitness, allowing everyone to be able to make transactions safely and comfortably through the most user-friendly, secure, and reliable platform, namely WellBe Coin

WellBe Coin has one goal, namely to become a single cryptocurrency in the fitness and sports industry that is used by everyone and supports the development of this industry. WellBe Coin comes with the unification of smart contracts, decentralized governance, and self-financed cash flow, which makes it a well-designed, future, and sustainable project. It is a cryptocurrency that will unite the fitness and sports markets.

WellBe Coin Features

WellBe Coin is a cryptocurrency aimed at players in the sports and fitness market. WellBe Coin brings cryptocurrency features to the fitness and sports market, enabling users to use a digital currency that is fast, safe, and stable. WellBe Coin allows users to be able to pay their subscription fees to their Fitness club with WELB, no hassle, all through a user-friendly interface. But that's not all, there are still a few other features of WellBe Coin:

  • Self-finance: WellBe Coin is a self-financing platform which means that operational and development funds from the platform come from treasury issues. A system like this allows long-term and sustainable development.

  • Governance: Users can participate in the WellBe Coin administration, which will maximize scalability and drive mass adoption.

  • Stability: To realize a sustainable, stable, and fair cryptocurrency ecosystem, WellBe Coin has planned to conduct Initial Coin Offers (ICO) and pre-mine WELBs.

  • Smart-contracts: The WellBe Coin team is committed to bringing cryptocurrency to the fitness and sports industry with the support of reliable smart contracts.

  • Masternodes: Users can become Masternode holders who can get significant rewards for their contributions.

  • Stakers: Users can become stakers who will support the WellBe Coin network and earn rewards for their contributions.

  • Customers: Customers who use WellBe Coin for their transactions will get various benefits, for example, an increase in the value of the WellBe Coin token they hold.

WELB Token

WellBe Coin is launching a native token under the name WELB which will serve as a utility, stake, and governance token, together with WELB token self-financing to support the operation and development of the platform. WellBe Coin launched a WELB token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 500,000 WELB. Users can stake WELB tokens to get rewards in the form of WELB tokens. Users can get WELB tokens through the ICO program which will be hosted by WellBe Coin.

To conclude

The fitness and sports market is a market that has developed quite significantly in recent years. Especially nowadays, where many modern people prefer to use fitness facilities and gyms to maintain their health. And WellBe Coin is present as a cryptocurrency that will unite the fitness and cryptocurrency markets, allowing users to be able to use cryptocurrency for their various purposes on a fitness platform. With WellBe Coin, users can make transactions quickly and safely through a user-friendly interface.

Connect with WellBe Coin

WEB: https://www.wellbe-coin.com/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/WellbeCoin
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/wellbecoin/

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