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The development of the cryptocurrency market has entered a stage where the platform can implement cryptocurrency in complex financial cases. An example is a decentralized finance or what is commonly known as "DeFi". This is a protocol that allows cryptocurrencies to be implemented in more complex financial cases. DeFi allows people to maximize their profits on the crypto market. The features provided by the DeFi platform such as a stake, swap, yield farming, or loan are very helpful for crypto users.

BucksCake is a DeFi protocol that allows people to use various DeFi features such as staking, yield farming, cloud mining, and exchange. BucksCake is a DeFi ready platform with ETH 2.0, which is claimed to be better than the previous Ethereum generation. It is hoped that with the presence of BucksCake users can maximize their profits in the cryptocurrency market.

ETH 2.0 Ready DeFi Platform for Staking, Yield Farming, Cloud Mining and Exchange

The DeFi protocol is considered to be a revolutionary financial system in this decade. In contrast to traditional financial systems which tend to be centralized and not transparent, decentralized finance or DeFi allows participants to enjoy decentralized financial features that are safe, transparent, and profitable for participants. Therefore since it was first launched, the DeFi market has continued to grow and has become one of the most significant development sectors in the cryptocurrency market.

BucksCake aims to become a decentralized financial system by implementing the DeFi protocol. At BucksCake, people can use various DeFi features such as staking, yield farming, cloud mining, and exchange. BucksCake is unique in that it is safe and transparent for users and the ETH 2.0 ready DeFi platform. At BucksCake, users can maximize their profit through innovative DeFi features and users don't have to worry because all their transactions will be secured using smart contracts.

BucksCake believes that user experience is the main thing, therefore BucksCake intends to become a DeFi platform which in addition to providing benefits to users, and also as a DeFi platform that provides comfort and easy accessibility to users globally.

BucksCake Features

BucksCake allows users to be able to use various DeFi features such as staking, yield farming, cloud mining, and exchange easily and safely. With BucksCake someone can maximize their profit with various DeFi features, for example, by staking, when users stake their tokens, they will get rewards according to their participation. The following are the features that make BucksCake a great DeFi platform:

  • Ultra - Liquid: Users can become liquidity providers by providing tokens on the Uniswap platform. BucksCake will reward users in the fairest way according to the autonomous strategy

  • InflationPROOF: BucksCake designed a mechanism that allows a small commission to be charged directly by farmers for each time BKC tokens are transferred. This is for encourages holding and farming.

  • Community Controlled: Just like other DeFi platforms, BucksCake is supported by users. Users who have a stake in liquidity can participate in the governance of the platform by providing their support through votes.

BKC Token

BKC Token is a token launched by the BucksCake platform. This token will support the operations of BucksCake and is also used for payments. BucksCake launched this token with a supply of 450,000 BKC tokens with a burning mechanism, which will leave as much as 90,000 tokens in the final. Users can get these tokens through an exchange or token sale program.

To conclude

The DeFi sector is one of the most significant developments in the crypto market. Currently, the DeFi sector has contributed more than USD 80 billion to crypto market capitalization and will continue to grow in the future. And BucksCake is part of DeFi, a platform whose goal is to become the DeFi protocol that provides users with various DeFi features and solutions that enable them to maximize profits in the crypto market. With BucksCake users can experience the real DeFi platform, which is secure and transparent.

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