PNP Coin Is the World's First Regulated Cryptocurrency

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Cryptocurrency is an alternative payment system that was originally developed by Satoshi Nakamoto to be a rival to the traditional payment system that we usually use in transactions every day. By using cryptocurrency, allows people to make transactions more quickly, efficiently, low cost, and also secure. And also cryptocurrency can not only be used as a means of payment but also as an investment instrument that will provide profits to its holders.

This is where cryptocurrencies are growing and their adoption is wider. Today cryptocurrency is a means of payment as well as an investment instrument that is widely used by people around the world. Seeing this, PNP Coin was launched to become a cryptocurrency that will disrupt payment systems globally. PNP Coin is a cryptocurrency that was launched with innovation and regulation which can be used freely and safely by users around the world.

Regulated Cryptocurrency

We all know that initially, Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin which is the first popular cryptocurrency without going through any regulation. This is because Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin to be able to resist government or third-party intervention. However, we are too naive to be able to realize an alternative payment system without any government regulation. Because if there is no regulation then there will be problems that will occur, such as Bitcoin which is prohibited from trading in several countries. By complying with regulations we can prevent something like this from happening. And therefore PNP Coin was launched to become a cryptocurrency that will be subject to regulation. PNP Coin is the world's first cryptocurrency to be launched under regulation. PNP Coin will be reinventing the regulations in cryptocurrency by presenting a cryptocurrency with a secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform.

PNP Coin will be launched on the Ethereum network with the ERC-20 protocol. It is a protocol that is already used by thousands of platforms in the crypto market. By using the ERC-20 protocol, it allows PNP Coin transactions to be more efficient, fast, and secure.

PNP Coin Features

PNP Coin is a cryptocurrency that was launched with clear regulations. The features offered by PNP Coin, enables users to make transactions more secure and faster. And also this allows businesses to be able to raise capital and the way investors buy and sell shares so that by using the PNP Coin more businesses will be helped by the adoption of cryptocurrencies. But that's not all, there are several other features of PNP Coin:

  • Centralized Platform: it is planned that PNP Coin will run with a centralized system that allows various problems to be solved, for example, problems related to data ownership.

  • Crowd Wisdom: PNP Coin cares about the community and puts it as the priority of the platform. Therefore, the community is one source that PNP Coin can use to continue to grow in the future.

  • Rewards Mechanism: and to encourage users to continue using PNP Coin, the team designed PNP Coin with a reward mechanism that will reward users for their participation.


The PNP Coin platform allows users to earn these tokens easily through various media. PNP Coin is a token that will be used on many platforms globally in the future and has various functions, mainly as a utility token for transactions and investments. Users who buy PNP coins can make transactions on various platforms more secure and easy and not only that, they can also get the opportunity to get rewards from their participation. This is one of the ways that PNP Coin will use so that more people will use PNP Coin in the future.

To conclude

Cryptocurrencies have been widely adopted by platforms globally today. However, most cryptocurrencies circulating in the market today do not have clear regulations, so several problems make some cryptocurrencies difficult to use. And PNP Coin is here as a cryptocurrency that will be used by many platforms globally. PNP Coin is the first cryptocurrency in the world to be launched with clear regulations. Developers are trying to make PNP Coin reinventing the regulations in cryptocurrency which is a more secure, smart, and easy-to-use platform and allows businesses to earn raise money more easily and solutions for users to be able to buy and sell shares. PNP Coin aims to become a regulated cryptocurrency that will be used by many people globally.

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