Non-Fungible DeFi is The Future of NFT

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Today many platforms are adopting DeFi and NFT protocols on their platforms. By adopting the DeFi and NFT protocols, the platform provides various DeFi and NFT features and solutions to all users. On this platform, users can trade NFT tokens and access various DeFi features which can increase the return on their crypto investment. Currently, many DeFi platforms and NFT marketplaces are operating in the crypto market, one of the most popular today is PancakeSwap, where users can freely access various DeFi features and trade NFT tokens.

Seeing the significant development of the DeFi and NFT sectors, Non-Fungible DeFi or abbreviated as NFD intends to present a platform that combines DeFi and NFT. It is a platform that aggregates numerous protocols, which will automatically allocate user deposits and provide them with high revenue. Here users can play and earn crypto at the same time through various innovative DeFi features.

DeFi Protocol With Highest Yield Farming

Decentralized finance or commonly known as DeFi is an umbrella of various decentralized financial applications for various crypto needs, such as token swaps, yield farming, staking, etc. Through the DeFi platform, users can earn passive income every day or get loans with collateral, or various other things. Now the DeFi platform does not only provide DeFi features but an NFT marketplace that allows users to trade NFT tokens. Seeing the development of the DeFi and NFT sectors, making NFD or Non-Fungible DeFi the platform moved to combine DeFi and NFT features. NFD offers yield farming, staking, or various other DeFi features to users, but with an NFT token mechanism, where ownership of users will be verified before they receive rewards.

NFD works by being a platform that aggregates numerous protocols, which will allocate user deposits to consensus with the highest revenue. In this way, it allows users to get a higher return. And at the same time, users can play various games that will be provided by the NFD platform. Thus users can play and get profit every day.

NFD Features

NFD is a platform that combines NFT and DeFi features, which allows users to play and earn crypto. NFD offers users the opportunity to be able to play various games freely using NFD native tokens. When users play, they can get tokens if they well finish the game. In this way, it encourages users to be able to play the game better to receive monetary rewards. But that's not all, there are several other features of NFD:

  • Staking: Users who lock or hold tokens in their wallets will be able to get rewards according to the number of tokens they hold.

  • Farming: Users can participate in yield farming programs to get higher rewards.

  • DEX: Users can exchange their tokens on the decentralized exchange platform provided by NFD.

  • SWAP: NFD makes it easy for users to swap their tokens for other cryptocurrencies without deposit or transaction fees.

NFD Token

The NFD Token is a native token launched by the NFD platform and will serve as a utility and governance token. NFD token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 50,000 NFD. By owning an NFD token, users will get several benefits such as being able to participate in staking and farming programs, have voting rights, access various features on the platform, etc. Users can get NFD tokens via Pancakeswap or Kucoin.

NFD Roadmap

The team from NFD started this project with project planning, binance smart chain, website launch, whitepaper launch, token launch, airdrop launch. Then NFD will move on to auditing, private sale & ieo launch, bkex/lbank listing announcement, and partnership announcement.

After success in these stages, NFD will start kucoin or mxc listing, unirocket channel launch, binancerocket channel launch, coineckolisting, CMC listing, staking/farming website launch, nft game launch, and own crypto wallet launch. All this is possible if NFD gets support from users and investors, which have a big role in the development of the platform.

To conclude

In recent months, the DeFi and NFT sectors have experienced significant developments. This is natural because the DeFi and NFT platforms offer opportunities for crypto users to easily sell their digital content or earn passive income every month and many other benefits. And Non-Fungible DeFi is here as a platform that will combine DeFi and NFT features. NFD will be a platform that aggregates numerous protocols which will allocate user deposits in consensus with the highest revenue, which will provide high returns to users. Because this is an NFT platform, where users can play various games to get rewards. Thus users can play and earn crypto at the same time.

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