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I have a friend named Tia, we live in the village of her parents are farmers.

Because Tia's parents are farmers, Tia only graduated from junior high school, she also helps her parents in farming. At the age of eighteen, Tia is dating Toni who is also a villager, but she works in the city.

After several years of dating, Toni proposed to Tia. They got married in the village with Tia's and Toni's families in attendance.

After they get married Toni takes Tia to town. In the city, Toni works in a private company. Because Tia has no work, she opens a food stall. Every day, Tia's shop is full of buyers.

Toni also helps Tia open a shop in the morning before she goes to work.

In the second year of their marriage, each of them became pregnant and gave birth to their first son, Toni and the family were all happy.

Every time the shop gets bigger, the buyers are getting busier.

After a few years they were married, Tia was sick, and she felt an excruciating headache. Toni took Tia to the hospital. When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor examined Tia. After the examination, the doctor gave Tia medicine and told her to rest.

The medicine has run out, but Tia's headache doesn't go away. Tia does a re-examination at the hospital, but the doctor says Tia's headache is just a normal headache, so every time isn't that worried.

Because Tia's headache didn't go away, Toni took Tia to the village, where Tia's parents were.

In the village, Tia also received treatment but Tia's headache did not go away, her husband never visited her in the village, so each one became depressed (crazy), and her parents were sad to see Tia, so they fell ill and died.

Each was cared for by his brothers, but his brother was also less capable, so they left Tia alone. She was a depressed. Each time he went through village after village, she asked for food from the villagers she visited. Because of depression, she was often naked, because she felt his body and legs. hot head. Because Tia was often naked, she was raped by the men in the village until she became pregnant, and each gave birth with the help of the villagers. But even though Tia was sick with depression, she still loved her child, she didn't throw her child away like most mothers who throw their children away. but instead, Tia loves her child. Because she is depressed, so the villager asks for her child but she doesn't want to give her child to the village people, she carries her child every day through village after village.

Fortunately, in that village, there is an orphanage which is managed by the Catholic Church, the head of the foundation asked Tia's child and persuaded her, he also wanted to give her child to the chairman of the foundation on the condition that the foundation took care of her child and mother, they agreed to the conditions.

The chairman of the foundation took care of Tia's child and gave him the name Rian. Because there is no hospital for depressed people in the village, Tia doesn't feel at home at the foundation, she still goes to the villages to ask for food. But Rian's son is still being cared for by the foundation, after Rian graduated from school, Rian also went to the city to look for work.

Rian also departed from the village by public vehicle, arrived in the city he looked for a place to live, after Rian found a place to live, then he looked for work. Finding work in the city was very difficult, Rian also went through the office after office, and finally, he was accepted into a private company.

Every day Rian diligently works and saves, because he aspires to help the foundation that raised him and treat his sick mother.

After several years of working, Rian finally got the money he saved


Rian also returned to the village, he also helped the foundation where he grew up and looked for his sick mother.

After Rian met his mother, he took his mother to the city for treatment. Arriving in the city, Rian took his mother to the hospital, after being treated for several years, Rian's mother finally recovered from her illness.

Rian was very happy because his mother had recovered, he also lived with his mother in the city and lived his days in peace.



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Nice one, thank she finally got recovered

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6 days ago

Interesting... I'm glad she finally recovered. The husband should not have left her alone in the village. What kind of a man does that?

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1 year ago

Thank you for your comment

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