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Mega Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency With a Smart and Innovative Tokenomic System

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3 months ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency

Reflection systems are now widely found in various cryptocurrencies. This system allows holders to be able to get rewards from the tokens they hold. This system is considered an innovative and profitable system for holders because it will reward holders according to the number of tokens they hold. The more tokens they hold, the greater the reward they will get. The reflection system not only gives rewards to the users, but it can also build a real economic system on a cryptocurrency.

The automatic reflection or reward system is an innovative system and can increase the trust of users for the tokens they hold. And this is what Mega Bitcoin has adopted, a cryptocurrency that has a tokenomic that will give rewards automatically to its holders. Holders will be rewarded with 11% BTC total from their buy and sell transactions combined. A reward system like this will make Mega Bitcoin have a lot of enthusiasts.

The Future of Rewarding Holders

Crypto users can now hold crypto and get rewarded for it. This is possible because of the tokenomic system which will regulate the economy of the cryptocurrency and allocate a certain number of tokens to the holders as a reward for their loyalty. And thus, this can be an encouragement to users, because the value of the tokens they hold will increase and the value of their investment will grow over time. This method is an innovative and definitely profitable way for holders, especially those who hold tokens for a long time. And this is what Mega Bitcoin offers, by offering rewards to its holders through a tokenomic system that will allocate a number of tokens to its holders in a fair and transparent manner. Users will get rewards from the combined buying and selling transactions.

Mega Bitcoin designed this token to reward its holders fairly and transparently. The Mega Bitcoin team is committed to making users' investments truly profitable and growing in the future. So that holders will love and enjoy the power of advanced income by holding MBC tokens.

Mega Bitcoin Features

The features offered by Mega Bitcoin enable users to be able to get rewards from the tokens they hold easily and securely. Users will be able to see that their investment grows over time and this is much easier than investing in traditional banking platforms. But that's not all, there are several other features of Mega Bitcoin:

  • Liquidity: 5% of each user's buy and sell transfers will be allocated to liquidity to keep the price of MBC tokens stable.

  • Interest: all interest from the personal loans and crypto credit will be allocated automatically to the pool to increase the value of MBC tokens.

  • Smart-contract: all user transactions will be secured by using smart contracts which will ensure that user transactions are secure and free of manipulation.

  • Potential: as the adoption of the MBC token increases, more and more people will trade with this token in the future, which will increase the value of the MBC token and this will give investors a profit.


As a token intended for global users, Mega Bitcoin will be launched on designated exchanges. Users globally can get this token easily and securely from these exchanges. The MBC token is a utility token, so it will have quite a lot of functions, such as for investment, etc. This is a token that can be traded easily and securely by users globally.

To conclude

Currently, there are many tokens that provide rewards to their holders. Holders will be rewarded through a smart tokenomic system, which will allocate a number of tokens to users. And Mega Bitcoin is present as a token that will give rewards to its holders. With a smart tokenomic system, Mega Bitcoin will reward its holders fairly and evenly according to the amount of their investment. Users will get rewards from the combined buying and selling transactions and in the future, the investment from these users will continue to grow and bring them profit. Mega Bitcoin aims to become a cryptocurrency that will reward its holders.

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Written by   70
3 months ago
Topics: Cryptocurrency
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