Lunaland is a Peer-to-peer Digital Currency and Store of Value

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We all know that the world bank can print more money for their benefit. This allows world banks to manipulate the world's financial system, because of their ability to regulate the circulation of currencies. Therefore, cryptocurrency was launched to overcome this problem, becoming a decentralized alternative financial system that will overcome various problems posed by a centralized financial system. Cryptocurrency is the solution to today's financial problems, even experts predict that it will be the financial system of the future.

Since the centralized financial system is prone to manipulation, various platforms have emerged with their solutions, such as those offered by LunaLand, a peer-to-peer digital currency, and store of value. It is a cryptocurrency designed to tackle problems like inflation and infinite money printing. Developed with a hyper-deflationary supply mechanism, LunaLand has a limited supply and when it reaches the target, some tokens will be burned.

A Digital Currency, at the Dawn of a New Era

The deflationary token is a mechanism whereby the total supply of tokens decreases every time a token transfer happens. This increases the rarity of the token and makes the token more valuable. This mechanism is the opposite of currency supply which allows the world banks to print unlimited amounts of money. Because of this, making a deflationary token is the antithesis of fiat currencies with unlimited supply potential. And LunaLand is one of the cryptocurrencies to adopt this mechanism. LunaLand is a peer-to-peer digital currency and store of value, which is a solution for inflation and infinite money printing. By adopting the deflationary token mechanism, the total supply of LunaLand decreases every time a transaction occurs. This way allows the rarity of LunaLand to increase and which directly increases the token price.

LunaLand is not just an ordinary cryptocurrency, but as a cryptocurrency that gives rewards to every holder and does not impose taxes. In this way, LunaLand encourages holders to be able to hold their tokens longer and maintain liquidity.

LunaLand Features

LunaLand is a deflationary token launched to be a solution to the problem of inflation and infinite money printing. Built on the Binance Smart Chain platform, LunaLand offers users a fast, secure, and low-cost cryptocurrency. This is what makes LunaLand the right choice for cross-border transactions. But not only that, there are several other features of LunaLand:

  • Target Supply: Unlike fiat currencies, LunaLand has a limited supply with a target supply of 400,000,000 coins with a deflationary token mechanism.

  • Manual Burns: The target of LunaLand is to burn 99.96% from 1 trillion to 400 million coins. In this way, it allows users to be able to enter at low prices.

  • Hyper-Deflation: With the Hyper-Deflation mechanism, increasing the value of the token and its momentum.

  • Reward Holders: Holders will get rewards for the tokens they hold. The more tokens they hold, the greater the reward they will get.

  • Encourages Trading: The LunaLand mechanism which puts 50% back into liquidity pools and does not impose taxes, encourages users to trade.

LunaLand Details

As explained earlier, LunaLand or abbreviated as LLN is a cryptocurrency that was launched to be a solution to various problems and will serve as a utility token, meaning that users can use LunaLand for various purposes such as for transactions, investments, or to earn passive income. LunaLand token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 LLN. Users can purchase LLN tokens through the LunaLand website.

To conclude

The world bank is given the authority to issue an unlimited amount of money. This allows the world bank to manipulate currency circulation and cause inflation. And LunaLand is here as the antithesis of fiat currencies with unlimited supply potential. LunaLand is a peer-to-peer digital currency and store of value. The solution offered by LunaLand will prevent inflation and infinite money printing. Launched on the BSC platform with a hyper-deflationary mechanism, it allows participants to get various benefits such as passive income, no tax, limited supply, low entry price, and tokens with a promising future.

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