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Today many people entrust their assets to be managed by an asset management firm. By entrusting their assets to this firm, one can earn profit by only investing their assets in professional investment managers who are experienced in the market. Users don't have to bother with trading or investment-related matters. It is enough just to monitor their performance on the portal provided by the asset management firm.

Due to the growing demand for asset management by people, this is an opportunity for Koinomo to be able to launch asset management services to users. Koinomo provides asset management solutions to users who need them in a decentralized and different way compared to banking. In this way, users only need to monitor their assets on the portal provided and see their assets grow over time plus passive income.

Decentralised Assets Management Fund

In the crypto market, there are not many platforms that offer asset management services to users. More and more people want their assets to be managed by people who are professionals in their fields. Especially nowadays more and more people are getting rich with the rising price of most crypto coins. And they want a platform where they can put their assets and let them grow managed by professional investment managers who are experienced in the crypto market. Therefore, to answer this question, Koinomo was launched as a decentralized crypto asset management platform which makes it easy for users to place their assets and let them be managed by professionals. Users don't need to bother trading their assets, all they need to do is monitor the growth of their assets and see how much passive income they get.

Koinomo is revolutionizing how people manage their assets. Because most people nowadays only trade their assets which can cause losses. And to overcome this, Koinomo will show users the most effective and efficient asset management in one platform. In just a few steps, users can experience how Koinomo is different compared to conventional banking and investment firms which use traditional ways to manage user assets.

Koinomo Features

Koinomo is a decentralized crypto asset management platform secured by smart contracts. What Koinomo does is manage user assets using long and short term strategies. In this way, Koinomo can make short-term trades and long-term investments which will provide high returns with minimal risk. But that's not all, there are still some features of Koinomo:

  • Easier Investing: Users can put their assets more easily on Koinomo. In just under 10 minutes users can create their account and start their journey on Koinomo. If users are confused they can communicate with the support provided.

  • Experienced Team: The team at Koinomo are professionals who have been in the crypto market for a long time. They already know the ins and outs of the crypto market. Koinomo ensures that users' investments will progress and not bother them.

  • No Minimum Investment Period: Users who join Koinomo will not be burdened with a minimum investment period. Quite the contrary, Koinomo allows users to be able to join anytime and log out whenever they want.

  • Profit And Loss Calculations: Koinomo will calculate the profit and loss of the users and ensure that the investment of the users benefits them.


Koinomo launched a native token under the name KMO. The KMO token was launched on the Binance platform with the BEP-20 protocol and will serve as an alternative payment on the platform, this means that KMO will support wallets that support the BEP-20 protocol and allow easy integration. And to facilitate token storage, Koinomo provides a wallet that users can use to store their tokens. To be able to get KMO tokens, users can buy KMO tokens on pre-ico and IDO which will be held on selected exchanges.

To conclude

By allowing professional investment managers to manage assets, users can calmly watch their assets grow without the hassle of trading or anything else, everything will be handled by the investment managers. And Koinomo is here as a platform that makes it easy for users to invest and let their assets grow over time. Koinomo provides users with a solution that is asset management by professional investment managers, which will manage users' assets in the most modern and different way compared to traditional banking or investment firms. Here user assets will be properly managed and secured using smart contracts powered by blockchain technology, enabling users to experience the best all in one place. Koinomo will build a platform that will make it easier for users from all over the world to put their assets to be managed by professionals and in return users will see their assets grow plus passive income.

Connect with Koinomo

WEB: https://koinomo.finance/
TWITTER: https://www.twitter.com/koinomotoken
MEDIUM: https://www.medium.com/koinomo

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