Digital GOLD is a Stable Coin Backed by Real Gold

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Now gold is not only launched in physical form, but also in digital form which can be owned by people globally. By launching gold in digital form, users can get gold that they can easily and securely store in their wallets. Users can store gold without worrying that the government will interfere with their ownership of the gold. And users also don't have to worry about the gold they own because it has official documents that state legal ownership of the gold.

Until now, many people have had gold in digital form, because it is easier and more secure to store it in the user's wallet. And this is what Digital GOLD offers, namely cryptocurrency-based gold which can be owned by users globally. Just like gold in general, Digital GOLD offers users access to being able to own gold securely and easily. Digital GOLD is gold, but in digital form that can be owned by users by buying it on the provided marketplace. For 1 Digital GOLD, it is equivalent to 1 gram of gold 99.99% FINE.

Digital Gold

To be able to own gold, usually, people have to go through various processes such as buying at a store, and then they will get the gold they want along with the ownership certificate. But the problem is when users want to store their gold, the owner must store it in a safe place to prevent it from various malicious actions. Usually, people store gold in their homes or to be safer usually people store their gold in banks, but usually, this will charge a fee for storage. And also users can't be free to carry the gold they have and of course, the government will know how much gold someone has. But fortunately, now there is digital gold which will allow people to be able to have gold but in digital form that is easier and can be carried anywhere.

Digital GOLD offers users a digital gold that is easier and more secure to be owned by users globally. Users will be able to have Digital GOLD easily and this does not require additional costs for storage because users can store it in a wallet that supports the ERC-20 protocol. So this makes Digital GOLD the easiest, secure, and fast way to invest or transact using gold.

Digital GOLD Features

The features offered by Digital GOLD enable users to be able to store gold in digital form in their wallets. Users will be able to buy Digital GOLD directly from the marketplace provided and this will be sent to the users' wallets. And users don't have to worry about their Digital GOLD because it will have official documents that can be checked on the website. But that's not all, there are several other features of Digital GOLD:

  • Low Cost: having Digital GOLD is much cheaper than having physical gold in a bank. Because Digital GOLD will not charge fees and users only need to pay fees on the Ethereum network for each of their transactions.

  • High Liquidity: Digital GOLD guarantees that the tokens provided on the marketplace remain available for purchase or sale of users.

  • Privacy: all Digital GOLD owners will not be identified by anyone, including the Digital GOLD platform itself. This is because Digital GOLD is based on Ethereum ERC-20 which is anonymous and secure for users.

  • Secure: all Digital GOLD owned by users will be backed by pure gold stored in vaults in Singapore and insured with Chubb. And users can check legal documents from Digital GOLD provided on the website.


As digital gold will be used by users globally, Digital GOLD will be able to be obtained by users through the available marketplaces. The Digital GOLD platform allows users to get these tokens easily from their various devices. This token is a utility token which means that this token can be used by users for various purposes, such as for payments, investments, etc. This is a token that will continue to be traded on the global crypto market in the future.

To conclude

Now people can own gold in digital form which is more flexible, easy, and secure to own. Users can keep their gold without worrying about intervention from various parties. And Digital GOLD comes as digital gold for users globally. The various features offered by Digital GOLD, such as convenience, security, low costs, is backed directly by real gold, making Digital GOLD a good choice for those who want to invest or transact using gold. Digital GOLD has the vision to become a digital gold provider platform that will be used by users globally.

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this sounds very good, but i don't have it yet, i just focus on BTC and BCH. maybe next time i will consider.

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