Chimp Club is the Home of 10,000 Handcrafted NFT for Users Globally

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NFT is a token that can be collected by crypto users freely through supported platforms. The reason people collect NFT tokens is that they can sell these tokens at a higher price on the marketplace or just for collection to increase prestige. Therefore, it is not surprising that today many people are trading NFT tokens because of the features and benefits it offers.

In the future, the NFT sector will grow in line with the increasing adoption of global cryptocurrencies. That's why Chimp Club was launched to be able to offer users 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled Chimps launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Later when users buy NFT tokens at Chimp Club, they will get a genetically constructed Chimp which is launched with random numbers. Each Chimp that is launched will be unique and different from other users so that users can really have a unique and interesting NFT token.

Collectibles NFT Tokens

In the crypto market, there are several platforms that offer collectibles NFT tokens to users all over the world. The prices they offer also vary, depending on the launcher and the value of the NFT token, the more unique and rare, the higher the price. Usually, the purpose of people buying NFT tokens is for collection or investment, because users can buy a token at a low price and resell it at a higher price to other users. With the increasing demand for NFT tokens, Chimp Club is motivated to launch a collection of 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled Chimps launched on the Ethereum blockchain, which users can easily own. Users can buy and store Chimp in their wallet and if they want they can resell it because Chimp Club gives full and complete rights to do whatever they want against the NFT tokens they have purchased.

Later, when users buy Chimp, they will get the right to participate in the vote for on the use of treasury funds and the instant white-list for mint. With this Chimp Club can increase the trust and enthusiasm of the holders.

Chimp Club Features

Chimp Club is the home of 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled Chimps. The features offered by Chimp Club enable users to have Chimps with various personalities. Because Chimp Club will issue a wide variety of personalities, from artists, hackers, and degens to boomers and zoomers with unique designs that differ from one another. But that's not all, there are several other features of Chimp Club:

  • Chimp Mechanism: Chimp Club will use an on-chain set of traits and random numbers for each Chimp it launches.

  • Full Rights: users will get full and complete rights for the Chimp they have purchased. Chimp Club will not limit users' rights to their Chimp, users can freely do anything and that includes commercially, etc.

  • Benefits of Being a Holder: users will get the right to be able to participate in treasury funds and they will get an instant white-list for all companion mints.


The Chimp Club platform allows users to easily get Chimp through the Chimp Club website. Users can mint Chimp tokens using Metamask, Wallet Connect, or Wallet Link directly from their device. Later when users have Chimp they will get various benefits that will be very useful for them. These are NFT tokens that users can collect or users can use for various purposes.

To conclude

Now NFT is trending in the crypto market, this is because there are many content creators and also famous people who are campaigning for NFT tokens on their social media accounts, for example like Elon Musk's wife, who managed to get 60 million dollars from the sale of NFT tokens. And Chimp Club is here as a platform that will house 10,000 handcrafted and randomly assembled Chimps launched on the Ethereum blockchain. Later users can easily have Chimp according to their personality because Chimp Club will launch a wide variety of personalities on this Chimp. Users can easily mint Chimp by using Metamask or other media. When users buy Chimp they will immediately get various benefits and Chimp Club will not limit users' rights to the Chimp they have purchased. Chimp Club has a goal to be able to provide Chimps that can be owned by people globally.

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