Binancemax Is the First AMM Platform With Built-in Trading Charts, Indicators and Tools

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Now it is easier for people to be able to exchange their crypto assets with various technologies on the crypto market. For example, with DeFi platforms such as the PancakeSwap platform, BakerySwap, or other AMM platforms, these platforms allow users to be able to exchange crypto by simply connecting their wallets. But the problem is that the AMM platform does not currently offer a chart of the token price movements. Though this is an important thing in cryptocurrency trading. Not to mention the lack of various tools which makes trading less attractive.

Seeing this problem, BinanceMax comes as a decentralized AMM platform that will provide a solution to built-in trading charts, indicators, and tools for users' crypto trading. BinanceMax is the first decentralized AMM exchange offering these features and solutions, combining the power of a centralized and decentralized exchange system, bringing users a decentralized AMM platform that allows them to trade with various features of a centralized exchange platform such as futures, margin trading with up to 100x leverage and daily lottery.

A New Revolution in the DeFi Space

Have you ever used a decentralized AMM platform like PancakeSwap or BakerySwap? Surely you will find it easy to exchange crypto, just connect the wallet, then users can swap their tokens with other tokens. However, there are drawbacks to this process, namely the absence of price movement charts like those commonly found on centralized exchange platforms, and some other trading tools. Even though these tools really help users to be able to see the price movement of the tokens and trade efficiently and profitably. This is the problem that BinanceMax will try to solve, by becoming the first AMM exchange with built-in trading charts and tools, with various trading features which will greatly assist users in their crypto trading.

What BinanceMax offers is a decentralized AMM platform like PancakeSwap or BakerySwap, which allows users to trade crypto easily, but BinanceMax tries to innovate by bringing various tools from a centralized exchange platform, which will balance decentralized and centralized exchanges.

BinanceMax Features

BinanceMax is a centralized AMM platform that allows users to trade crypto just like on the AMM platform but with various features of a centralized exchange platform. The solutions offered by BinanceMax, allow them to be able to trade with the help of tools such as trading charts, indicators, futures, margin trading, etc. But that's not all, there are several other features of BinanceMax:

  • Decentralized Lending and Borrowing: BinanceMax makes it easy for users who want to trade with leverage to get loans. With this, the borrower and the lender will benefit.

  • Swap Liquidity: BinanceMax has a mechanism whereby liquidity will come from farming pools. So in this way, it allows liquidity to be maintained.

  • Community Owned: To keep the platform transparent and decentralized, the team from BinanceMax decided to contract address ownership gets renounced.

  • Audited: A professional audit firm was recruited to be able to audit the BinanceMax platform thoroughly in a professional manner.

  • Daily lottery: If users want to try their luck, then they can participate in lottery draws that will be held every day.

  • Team tokens: Team tokens will be vested for 1 year with an unlocking rate of 10% per month.

  • Rewards: BinanceMax has a tax mechanism that will allow token holders to get more tokens by just holding $BMAX.

BMax Token

BMax is a native token launched by BinanceMax and will serve as a utility and governance token. BMax token based on Binance BEP-20 with a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 BMax. The use of BMax is mainly for utility and governance tokens, where users will use BMax tokens to be able to participate in stake, lending, and governance platforms. BinanceMax also allocates a number of BMax tokens for platform development and marketing.

BinanceMax Roadmap

In Q2 2021, the team from BinanceMax will hold a meeting related to project development to the actual implementation. At this time also the team from BinanceMax will launch social media and channels, tokenomics and business model development, marketing plans, BMAX token development, and promotions. Then it will be continued in Q3 2021, where at this time BinanceMax will carry out aggressive marketing, launch private sales, burn 20% of the total supply, launch public sales via ido platforms like dxsale, trustswap, bscpad, etc. audit and renounced ownership, listing on pancakeswap, launched daily lottery, started partnership with top crypto social media influencers and public figures to introduce BinanceMax to more people.

If everything goes according to plan, then in Q4 2021, BinanceMax will conduct hotbit, whitebit, coinbit, cmc and coinecko listings, then platform expansion, and partnerships with several parties for the advancement of the platform. Then lastly in 2022, BinanceMax launched the AMM Decentralized Exchange with various features, launched full governance, launched a liquidity mining and farming program, launched decentralized futures trading, launched lending and borrowing platform, launched decentralized margin trading, and submitted applications to list bmax on top exchanges. , so that BMAX tokens can be traded on more popular exchange platforms.

To conclude

Nowadays many crypto users use AMM platforms like PancakeSwap or BakerySwap to exchange their tokens. But sometimes users find it difficult to trade because of the absence of price movement charts and various other trading tools. BinanceMax is here as a decentralized AMM platform that allows users to swap crypto with various features of a centralized exchange platform, such as built-in trading charts, indicators, tools, futures, margin, leverage, etc. The solutions offered by BinanceMax allow crypto users to trade more efficiently and intelligently on the AMM platform, but with the same experience as on a centralized exchange platform.

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