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In recent years, privacy issues have become a matter of particular concern to many parties, for example, in the financial sector, privacy is a problem where there is a lot of customer data leaking to the public which causes many parties to be harmed by this. And not only that, there are still many cases related to privacy in modern times.

The cryptocurrency was launched to be an alternative payment that offers a more decentralized, transparent and anonymous payment solution for all parties. Cryptocurrency is considered to be a solution, especially for problems related to privacy, because by using it, no one can know the identity of the user. And this is what prompted the launch of ARCS which is a cryptocurrency to be able to accelerate the construction of AIre which is a platform that has functionality in data banks so that they can operate more efficiently and effectively.


Cryptocurrencies play an important role in supporting accelerated funding on thousands of platforms worldwide. Cryptocurrencies make it possible to get funding faster and also create a Financial ecosystem where everyone can participate in it and benefit from it. Cryptocurrencies are considered much more efficient and better than traditional payment systems because using cryptocurrencies allows transactions to be faster, more efficient, decentralized and transparent. Therefore AIre, which is a platform that focuses on data banks, launched their native cryptocurrency under the name ARCS. ARCS is the only native cryptocurrency from AIre that has many functions, one of which is to accelerate the construction of AIre. Because by launching ARCS, AIre can get funding faster and it can also allow people around the world not to invest in AIre.

Initially, the ARCS token will be launched on the Ethereum network, as it is one of the most popular chains at the moment. However, as blockchain technology continues to evolve over time, ARCS will be launched on other chains in the future, such as the Binance Smart Chain. Thus the ARCS token can have a larger user base, not limited to just one chain.

ARCS Features

ARCS is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that will be launched to support AIre in the future. The features offered by ARCS, enable users to make transactions faster, more efficiently, safely, and also with lower fees. ARCS tokens also allow users to invest more easily in AIre, because buying AIre tokens is the same as buying AIre shares. But that's not all, there are several other features of ARCS:

  • Incentives For Users: users will get rewards in the form of ARCS tokens when they provide data to AIre. This way AIre can encourage users to keep using AIre.

  • Rights To Use the AIre Service: when users want to use AIre they need ARCS tokens to be able to use various services on AIre.

  • For Enterprises: companies that want to get user data from AIre must first purchase a certain number of ARCS tokens if they can get the data they need from AIre, which these ARCS tokens will later be redistributed to users as rewards.

  • Digital Wallet: AIre will develop a digital wallet that will accommodate various user needs. With this digital wallet, they will be able to make transactions safely and also they can manage ARCS tokens more easily.


The AIre platform allows users to easily earn ARCS tokens through various supported exchanges. ARCS token is a native token of the AIre platform which has an important function in accelerating AIre construction and also for users this is the "key" they need to be able to use AIre services because without ARCS tokens users cannot use various AIre services. Later the company will need this token to gain access to user data and the AIre platform will use the token as a reward for users who provide their data. This is a solution that is mutually beneficial for both the company and the user and it is only possible because of the ARCS token. It is planned that this token will be launched on Ethereum-based blockchain and the Binance Smart Chain, but it is not limited to that, likely, other chains will also be adopted considering that the crypto market is very wide and the AIre platform wants to expand its user base.

To conclude

Cryptocurrency is a digital product that was developed to be an alternative payment that offers better features compared to conventional payments. By using cryptocurrencies, it is possible to solve various problems related to privacy and efficiency and therefore many platforms are now launching their own cryptocurrencies. And ARCS is here as a cryptocurrency that will support the AIre platform in the future. ARCS is AIre's native cryptocurrency which will accelerate AIre's construction, allowing users to invest more easily in AIre and also enabling safer, more efficient, and more profitable transactions for users. Later users will get rewards in the form of ARCS tokens for the data they provide on the AIre platform which is obtained from companies that pay several ARCS tokens for the data they use on the AIre platform. This solution is an innovation from AIre and this is what users globally expect. ARCS has the vision to become a cryptocurrency that will accelerate the construction process of the AIre platform so that the operations and development of AIre can run more smoothly.

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