Alpha Kombat is an Online Game With NFTs Rewards

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Today's online games use blockchain technology and the NFT protocol to create a more innovative and modern game ecosystem. By using the blockchain and NFT protocol, enabling the platform to provide players with a gaming platform that not only provides entertainment to them but also additional income to the players. Because by adopting blockchain technology, it is possible for gaming platforms to be able to adopt the DeFi protocol which will create a real economy for the platform.

The DeFi and NFT protocols are the perfect combinations to create a gaming platform with a real economy. And seeing an opportunity like this, Alpha Kombat was launched to become a gaming platform that will give users both games and rewards. Alpha Kombat is a global blockchain tournament that will give global users the opportunity to compete and get rewards for their activities. With DeFi and NFT protocols, Alpha Kombat can provide users with an innovative, modern and profitable online game.

Blockchain Games

There are many advantages that will be obtained by online gaming platforms by adopting blockchain technology on their platforms. By adopting the blockchain protocol, it is possible for the game platform to adopt the DeFi and NFT protocols which will make the game ecosystem more innovative and modern. And not only that, the DeFi protocol also makes the game platform have a real economic system that is profitable for all parties. Seeing the increasing adoption of blockchain technology on gaming platforms, Alpha Kombat is moved to be able to present an online gaming platform that will benefit all participants. Alpha Kombat is a global blockchain tournament game with NFTs rewards that allows all players globally to participate in tournaments and earn rewards for their participation. Alpha Kombat is an innovative and modern platform to play and earn.

And not only that, users can also get the opportunity to be able to access various decentralized financial features such as staking or LP farming. Or users can also participate in betting and mint NFT tokens. There are many features that users can use to earn more.

Alpha Kombat Features

Alpha Kombat is a blockchain-based gaming platform that will provide entertainment and profit to users. The features offered by Alpha Kombat enable users to be able to participate in online tournaments and get rewards for their participation. The rewards that the user will get will be distributed directly to the user's wallet without any deductions or other fees. But that's not all, there are several other features of Alpha Kombat:

  • Dual Player Gaming: surely you already know the mortal combat game? where two players can fight online from different locations. In Alpha Kombat users can also do the same, two players can fight from different locations and the winner will get rewards.

  • Betting: users are allowed to place bets for ongoing games they find on Alpha Kombat. Later rewards will be distributed to users fairly and transparently.

  • Staking and LP mining: users can earn passive income by participating in staking programs. The rewards that users get will be in accordance with their participation.

  • Gaming Merchandise: there is much merchandise that can be purchased by users on the e-commerce platform provided by Alpha Kombat.

  • Developer: Alpha Kombat provides console access as well as a publishing platform for developers who want to collaborate with the Alpha Kombat platform.


The team collaborates with various partners such as Oxbull, BabySwap, Wizard, and several other parties in the future to be able to present a game ecosystem that entertains and benefits users. With the help of these various parties, Alpha Kombat is confident that in the future the operations and development of Alpha Kombat can run smoother and better which of course will benefit all participants.


The Alpha Kombat platform allows users to earn tokens more easily through various existing exchange platforms. These coins, known as the ALKOM token are the only tokens owned by Alpha Kombat that have functions for various user needs such as payments, staking, rewards, etc. Later users and investors can use this token either on the platform or off the platform. ALKOM is a token that will be the fuel that will support the operation and development of the platform in the future.

To conclude

The NFT sector has grown steadily in recent months. This is all inseparable from the role of crypto users who strongly support the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies globally in various sectors. And Alpha Kombat comes as a blockchain gaming platform that allows users globally to be able to play and earn from their games. Alpha Kombat is a global blockchain tournament that adopts the DeFi and NFT protocols which has a real economic system that benefits all participants in it. Users can play and earn at the same time. And not only that, users can also increase their income by participating in staking and betting programs. Alpha Kombat aims to become a blockchain-based gaming platform that not only provides entertainment but also profits users.

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Woah; this is some real development in the world of NFt gaming. I'm actually impressed by this development and would like to check it out. I play Axie infinity as a scholar under the AxieBCH guild and I've been looking for other games as well as an extra source of income. I've got one question; is it a free to play NFT game or we have to invest a certain amount upfront just like Axie Infinity, splinter land and the rest?

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