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Decentralized finance or commonly known as DeFi is a sector that has had a significant development in the cryptocurrency market. It is currently recorded that the capitalization of DeFi is $ 100.72B and will continue to increase along with the development of the DeFi sector going forward. Many crypto users are currently starting to switch to using the DeFi platform because through the DeFi platform, crypto users can maximize their profit on the crypto market more easily and safely.

One of the platforms that implement the DeFi protocol is Rabbit Finance, this is a DeFi platform that focuses on leveraged yield farming protocols built on the Binance Smart Chain. With Rabbit Finance, users can participate in liquidity farming through over-lending plus leverage which can maximize their revenue.

Leveraged Yield Farming

Maybe many of you still don't understand what leverage is. In general, leverage is an investment strategy of using borrowed money, usually, if you are a trader then surely you will know how leverage plays in increasing returns when trading. This is what Rabbit Finance offers, leveraged yield farming protocol by the people for the people.

What Rabbit Finance does is enable users to participate in DeFi liquidity farming when their funds are not enough. Rabbit Finance can provide up to 10X the leverage to assist users in achieving maximum revenue per unit time on their investment. However, for users who want stable returns, Rabbit Finance provides borrowing pools where users can get stable returns to earn profits.

Rabbit Finance is a combination of various popular projects on the market such as Alpaca Finance and Badger Finance and is combined with the mechanism of an algorithm stable coin. In this way, Rabbit Finance enables Rabbit Finance to become a reliable and profitable DeFi platform for all participants and even become the "Federal Reserve of the DeFi world" because of its affordable, innovative, and equal financial services for all individuals or groups globally.

Rabbit Finance Features

Rabbit Finance is a leveraged yield farming protocol built on the BSC platform which makes it fast, safe and affordable. With the leveraged yield farming feature provided by Rabbit Finance, it allows users to achieve revenue per unit time when their funds are insufficient and at the same time provide borrowing pools for those who want stable returns. In this way, it allows global users to be able to maximize their returns easily and affordably.

The following are the features of Rabbit Finance:

  • Flexible deposit options: Rabbit Finance designs the vault optimally converts user deposited assets and the borrowed BNB or BUSD. So that users don't need to do the conversion themselves.

  • Automatic staking: Rabbit Finance's mechanism allows stakes the LP tokens for a user on the chosen platform (PancakeSwap, etc.) automatically. So that users can get rewards as soon as possible.

  • Continuous compounding: Bounty hunters have the role of monitoring the amount of rewards accrued in each pool and helping farmers to reinvest it.

  • Claim RABBIT rewards anytime: Rabbit Finance allows users to claim their bonus rewards anytime.


RABBIT is a token launched by Rabbit Finance which will act as a governance token and also as a "fuel" that will support the operations of Rabbit Finance. Binance BEP-20 based RABBIT token with a total supply of 200 million Rabbit tokens. It is planned that RABBIT will act as a governance token and reward.

To conclude

Leverages yield farming is an application in the field of DeFi that allows people to achieve the maximum revenue per unit time when their funds are insufficient. And Rabbit Finance is one that has adopted this protocol. With Rabbit Finance users can get 10X the leverage when their funds are insufficient, this allows them to get maximum revenue per unit time. And if users want stable returns, they can participate in the borrowing pools provided by Rabbit Finance. This is a platform for leveraged yield farming by the people for the people globally.

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Topics: Cryptocurrency
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