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Randomly Mixed Part 3

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1 month ago

Good evening to all once again, lol, i miss the @TheRandomRewarder again and wondering if it misses me too especially my previous articles, hope it will pay a visit and give me something again, lol. This one's entitled randomly mixed as i got random thoughts right now, lol, i should have written this yesterday or the other day but laziness calls me again so i wasn't able to do it, lol, please bare with me po, lol

This one's for good and positive thoughts, just made a pic collage of it though, lol. The first one was from Dalai Lama, it said, don't over-react 'bout everything nor take things too personal. Second one was believing that you can have everything you prayed for. Third's give thanks for the unknown blessings that's already on it's way. Fourth's saying with God, nothing's impossible and we should give our worries to God and worship Him. Fifth one's be a blessing to other people 'coz God will continue to bless you. Saw this quote on my fb wall so i shared it here for positivity, hope you like it.

The other day, My KJF and I are talking 'bout our childhood experienced, felt sad and my heart goes out for him. Never thought that he never had experienced how is it like to be a kid or young, how to play outside with your childhood friends, how to climb a tree, catch a spider or play in the fields or have fun with your friends, in short, he never experienced what i had experienced when i was a kid or young and how colorful and memorable that experiences are, he said and i quote

" I never had any childhood experienced like you do had when you was still a kid or young and never knew what and how it feels like to be a kid and just played outside with your friends. My siblings and i used to woke up early to clean the house, feed the chickens, pigs and cows we had that time, cooked breakfast and then go to school, you are lucky you enjoyed and experienced it. "

Kinda sad, right, but then again, that made him the man that he is right now, he learned what and how life really is at his young age, how to save money and do things and how to be responsible, he said and i will quote again, lol

" Yes, i never had any childhood experienced like you do 'coz i had to do the things that my stepfather wants me to do. At my early or young age, i've learned everything, got a job while i was studying, at some point, i thanked my stepfather 'coz he taught me something and that made me who i am today but at the same time, i'm mad at him 'coz i want to go and play with the other kids outside but i can't do that. "

I was sad after knowing this and know that i was lucky somehow 'coz i enjoyed my childhood days and just told him that things happens for a reason and that once we have a family and kid or kids of our own, we are going to let them enjoy their childhood and at the same time teach them what and how life really is so they are going to learn that both ways, mine and his and he agreed on it, lol.

This one's a unsplash photo.

Losing someone especially a family member or relatives or friends' really painful. On my part, had lost my cousin last year, it's december 2020 when my mother and i learned or knew that he was killed or got killed and we are still looking for justice for his untimely death then this february, one of my big or old brother posted on his timeline a black candle and even changed his profile pic by it and i just learned 'bout it 'coz my second cousin from my hometown asked me 'bout it so i asked my own brother 'bout it and who died, there, he said, our halfsister died of a heart attack and my mother and i can't go there to see her for the last time and she was cremated, walang nangyari burol o lamay 'coz of the Pandemic. This morning, My KJF told me that his aunt died and he was crying 'coz his aunt was the one who understands and loves him more than his own mother understands and loves him, again, felt sad for him and for his loss and my heart goes out for him again, he said and i will quote again

" My aunt who died this morning treats my like her own child more than my own mother treats me. I remember telling her than i wish you're my mother and not mom, she told me, your mother, my old/big sister loved you on her own way, i do know she loved you 'coz you are his son and she took care of you for 9 months in her womb, she might showed it on a different way though. My aunt was the one who listens and gave me advice, showed me what mother love is. Remember i told you that i used to go her place, her house and clean her surroundings, clean her house when i go and visit her 'coz she loves and really understands me more than my own mother do though i knew that my mother loves me on her own way but it's my aunt who's always been there for me especially if i complain, asked for advice and tell her my problems. "

Sad again for him but told him that things happens for a reason and hope he can go there so he can give his last respect and saw his aunt for the last time, yes, it's painful and i knew what and how's he feeling right now and how i wish i was there with him right now so i can give him some comfort, advice and a hug so he will feel good somehow but all i can do now's talk to him via video call and told him good and positive things so he will feel good for the time being. It's really hard to lost someone you loved or your loved ones this Pandemic as you might not be able to go to the deceased's place 'coz there are protocols that you need to follow first before you can go and see and be with her for the last time and that's on my part, while on his part, he got a fully loaded schedule this time or week and told him that he can go there once his schedule's not that full loaded and his aunt understands it.

This one's also an unsplash photo.

A visitor's getting active here again 'coz one of my cousin's pregnant and there's also a baby here, lol, yesterday it was a little early and the pregnant woman or my cousin was the one who heard it. Mabango kasi para sa kanila ang amoy ng buntis at ng baby kaya siguro lumitaw at nagpunta sila dito banda sa amin, kinda scary, right, lol. Ngayon hindi na siya gaanung tumatambay sa labas ng walang kasama at madalas sa loob nalang ng bahay nila.

Getting really sleepy now, lol, soon, will going to call it a night, trying to see and listen to the surroundings out here if there's someone who will knocks on the neighbors door again. The neighbor now's prepared, she even sharpens her axe's blade in preparation to whatever happens once someone enters her house, scary and frightening, right? But she's not scared of it, lol, a brave woman, indeed, good night to all, hindi na ako makatagal, lol, sleep's really calling me and can't fight it anymore, lol

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Written by   422
1 month ago
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