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For Sustainable Development

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5 months ago

The concept of Sustainable Humanity is very popular. There seems to be a great concern and occupation for the protection of the environment although, sometimes, the facts are divorced from the speeches. The term sustainable links man's action "on" the

environment. Particularly, I would eliminate on the environment... since from the point of view of action it may seem contradictory. Being on something or someone is not the same as being with.  For example:

 The term sustainable links the action of the with the environment.., this would encourage me even more.

 Well, in the midst of all this campaigning to protect the environment I am happy to say that there are already many of us who finally realize its importance. Sustainability gives human beings the ability to build in favor of the environment that surrounds us without upsetting or altering the natural cycle of the environment.

 When we talk about sustainable development is because we are thinking about the idea of preserving each natural resource with the intention that each individual makes conscious use of it, avoids depleting resources and thus each generation can enjoy it.

In this broad sense of the term it is our duty to be aware of how we can collaborate with the protection of the environment. Daily readings manifested through various sources indicate about the strong debate involving the world of cryptocurrencies. Crypto mining projects are said to be harmful to the environment due to high energy consumption. In this sense, I can show myself for and against the debated ideas.

 I am a nature lover, everything that has to do with it involves me directly for the same reason commented. I am specifically sensitive to insects. Insects are small animals that do a great job on the ecosystem. In my daily walk I get to interact with many rare species. Studying about their function in the environment makes me appreciate them more. The way of life of these special beings motivates me to campaign to respect their life and allow them to carry out their natural cycle without unhealthy interventions.

 Farmers complain about the appearance of insects, but many ignore the true meaning of their appearances. It is true that some of them do kill the work of farmers, but it is no less true that if insects did not exist, many plantations would not exist either.

 I share with you in this publication some insects found during my walk. They are specifically beetles that are present in these months of rain in Venezuela. We owe them a lot of goodness. Let's bet that we can live together in a healthy way to make a sustainable and sustainable world.

 Look at this beetle with long antennae. They live in the wood, biting the branch at the same time as they make perpendicular movements until they cut a ring of bark and thus cause the branch to weaken and fall to the ground.

Once the objective is achieved (cutting the ring of the tree), the female begins her work by making slits along the branch to lay her eggs there. It is amazing to know about these actions of insects, they do everything possible to ensure the life of their offspring. In the tree where they decide to be, they will have guaranteed food to continue their metamorphosis. They will become chrysalises until they become adult beetles.

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Written by   20
5 months ago
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