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Seeds of Chaos: Chapter 22(Second Awakening)

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 Chapter 22

Rennel was shock after seeing the goblin king staggered because of the unexpected long range attack. Although the arrows and the ice magic did not penetrate the monster’s skull, it still causes some damage to it. Not to mention they succeeded in getting the goblin king’s attention.


Angered by the unexpected attack, the goblin king threw its huge axe towards the shield-wielding Darius who taunted it earlier. Darius, who was long prepared for the attack did not panic. Bracing himself, he faced the flying axe with a solemn expression.


The huge axe hits the large shield with such ferocity that it created such a loud clanking sound. Moreover, the force of the axe was so strong that it blows Darius feet off the ground!

With gritted teeth, Darius tries to withstand the attack without letting go of his shield. Using all he had, Darius let out a roar as he uses everything in his arsenal as he deflects the axe upward!

*Swishing sound*

He succeeded!

The deflected axe spins several times before falling and embedding itself into the ground just several feet away from Darius.

After blocking the attack, Darius dropped to one knee while panting. To block that one attack, Darius used up all of his strength and mana. Nonetheless, there’s no disappointment in Darius’ face, instead, a huge grin appeared on his face.

Hah! Did you see that, monster?

Seeing that huge grin on the human's face, the goblin king felt insulted, and grew increasingly angry. But as he was about to make a move, it saw a flash coming from below it!


It was Clyde!

The same moment that the goblin king threw its axe, Clyde moved towards the monster’s blind side and swung his long sword upward, slashing at its lower body!

The berserk goblin king desperately tries to step backward to dodge the attack. Sadly for the monster, it reacted too late and was still hit!

The sword flash travel from the goblin king’s legs to it hips and then to its abdomen, leaving behind a long gash on its body.

Yeah! It was wounded!

Everyone except for the goblins cheered after seeing the goblin king seriously wounded. The sneak attack was so perfectly executed that the goblin king couldn't even react in time!

Rennel eyes widened after seeing such a perfect teamwork from the four adventurers but the surprise only lasted for a moment before...

“Dodge it!” Rennel screamed.

Hearing the girl's scream, Clyde who was staring at the wound he inflicted just now quickly rolled to his left.


A huge fist landed on the spot where Clyde was a moment ago. If not for Rennel’s warning and his own quick reaction, he might have been turn into mush by that one punch!

The cheering stopped after the unexpected counter-attack from the goblin king. Everyone could not help but stare at disbelief at the monster.

How could it still move? Even if the wound was not enough to incapacitate the monster, it shouldn’t have been able to counter-attack like that, especially not with those wounds!

Clyde who was almost crush, along with his teammates couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Does the goblin king not feel pain? That was such a serious injury! So how could it still move despite its severe injury?

“It’s regenerating!” Rennel exclaimed loudly.


Everyone turned towards the goblin king and stared at its wound. What they saw send chilled their hearts. It’s true!

The goblin king was indeed regenerating!

“What kind of joke is that?!” Darius screamed in disbelief.

Their party had worked really hard just to execute the earlier sneak attack perfectly. And yet, the wound they inflected on it was healed just like that?

Every person present shared the same sentiment. The goblin king was already extremely powerful and yet it still possessed such powerful regeneration ability. Thinking about it, the piercing wound it suffered from the silver-haired girl’s also disappeared.

They were so surprise by the sudden change in the goblin king that everyone except for Rennel forgot about that detail.

Seeing the goblin king’s overwhelming abilities, only one thing was on everyone’s mind. How are they going to defeat it?

Even Guild Master Tigre and General Souren were frowning. These two men have experience fighting goblin kings before but the ones they’ve fought were not as strong as this one.

And yet... Why was this goblin king so different?

Doubts appeared on the two veteran’s minds. They could not help but think that something was very wrong with the situation.

After that one attack, the goblin king did not follow up and simply stood there condescendingly as if basking on everyone’s despair. Looking at its ugly face, there one could even see a smug grin pasted on its lips.

While everyone was thinking on what to do, a petite figure silently approaches Rennel. It was Mina.

“E,excuse me…” Mina called.

Rennel quickly turned around and saw a petite girl garbed in a cleric robe and was even skinnier and smaller than she was looking at her nervously. But before Rennel could ask who she was and what she needed, the girl, Mina, spoke to her first.

 “I’m Mina… There’s something I need to tell you.” She said.

Although feeling confuse, Rennel nodded and gestured the girl to speak. Mina, who was still nervous took a deep breath and quickly told Rennel what she and her party discussed earlier.

After hearing the girl’s words, Rennel was momentarily stunned before recovering and grabbing the girl’s shoulders.

“Are you telling the truth?” Rennel asked excitedly. The plan that the girl mentioned might just be the breakthrough that she was waiting for!


Clyde and his party could only grit their teeth. Although they didn’t expect to defeat the goblin king with that one sneak attack, they at least hope to weaken it somewhat. Unfortunately, the goblin king’s perverse regeneration ability threw a wrench on their plan.

“We could only hope that that girl would be able to do something about this situation. Fortunately, Mina already approached her.” Clyde thought to himself.

Seeing the despair on the adventurer’s eyes, the goblin king let out a grin. It then complacently walks towards Darius. No, it’s not walking towards the mustached man but rather towards the huge axe that was still embedded on the ground!

Noticing this, Darius grinned courageously. If the goblin thinks that he could easily get its weapon back then it must be dreaming.

The goblin king sneered at the puny human trying to stop it and continue to walk forward. With its power, is there any need to fear them?

As it gets closer, it sense fast moving object quickly approaching it. The goblin king snorted and nonchalantly swipes its right hand.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Several arrows were blocked by the invisible wind the monster created by swinging its arm.

“I won’t fall for the same trick again!” The goblin king thought.

Hmm? The goblin king noticed a shadow going to its blind side the moment it swung its fist. The shadow reminded the goblin king of the person that grievously injured it earlier and was enraged.

It clenched it left first and hammered it down towards Clyde!


The goblin king’s punched shattered the ground in front of it. Fortunately for Clyde, he was able to dodge in time thus avoiding the fate of becoming a human meat patty!

Natalie and Darius didn’t miss the opportunity and attacked the goblin king almost at the same time.  Natalie fired an ice lance that was much larger than what she'd fired earlier. Darius on the other hand used his large shield to tackle the monster from its left side!

Seeing the joint attack, the goblin king didn’t panic. Although it hadn’t recovered its posture yet after that punch, it wasn’t too concerned.

The ice lance was about to land on the goblin king’s head when the monster grinned and head-butted the lance made out of ice magic!


No one could believe it, the ice lance shattered just like that!

At the same moment that the ice lance was shattered, Darius’ shield tackle finally arrived. But the moment the tackle hits, Darius felt like he hits an unmovable boulder!


Darius was sent flying by the impact while vomiting blood much to his teammate's horror.

Clyde and the others were greatly alarmed after seeing him slammed into the ground, unmoving. They then quickly went to his rescue.

Natalie and Tyr went to check on Darius while Clyde guards the three of them.

“Hey, are you alright?” Natalie asked with a worried expression.

“Cough! Don’t worry about me. I’ll live,” Darius joked after coughing out more blood.

“Don’t move too much, I’ll try to heal you,” Tyr ordered with a serious look on his face.

The goblin king slowly stands up but didn’t follow. It didn’t even glanced at the four adventurers and simply walks towards the huge axe embedded on the ground.

Using its right hand, the goblin king pulled and effortlessly pulled-out the axe from the ground.

The goblin king then turned around and stared at the four adventurers with its sinister eyes. But before it could walk, it felt a sudden sense of danger behind it!


Although the goblin king tries to dodge, it wasn’t fast enough and was stabbed in the back with a spear!

It’s Rennel!

“Again…it’s you?!”

Enraged and in pain, the goblin king forcefully swung its huge axe towards Rennel. Unfortunately for the goblin king, Rennel was long prepare for it and was dodged the attack easily.


Rennel stared at the goblin king with a solemn expression on her face. And despite the overwhelming pressure from monster trying to drown her, the girl felt no fear.

“I’ll keep the goblin king busy, go help your friends.” Rennel said loudly without looking back.

Mina understood that Rennel was talking to her and quickly run towards her friends. Now that her task was completed, she could finally help her friends, especially Darius who was injured.

The goblin king saw a small human girl running towards the other humans but it didn’t care. Right now, the only thing on its mind was how it should torture the human girl standing in front of it.

Although it got stabbed on the back, the goblin king was still full of confident. After all, it could just heal that deep stab wound on its back.

A red aura came out of the goblin king’s body and quickly worked on the wound on its back. Before long the goblin king’s wound’s was all but healed!

“It’s wound healed just like that? How are we supposed to beat the monster if it keeps healing from its injuries?” A male adventurer who had just killed a goblin asked.


Another adventurer who just slashed at a goblin stopped and answered, “How should I know? I’ve never encountered a monster like that before!”

The adventurers and the soldiers who were half-observing the situation while fighting felt wary. Seeing the goblin king’s absurd regenerative ability was a blow to everyone’s confidence. Everyone present could tell that unless something was done to stop the monster from regenerating, the goblin king was pretty much unkillable!

“Do you really think you’re immortal?”

Rennel who was just quietly observing the goblin king a moment ago suddenly appeared in front of the monster. And without warning, stabbed the goblin king’s throat!

So fast! Everyone, including the goblin king was caught off guard by Rennel’s sudden attack. The girl moved so fast as though she teleported to the goblin king!

The goblin king covered its throat with its left hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Following that, the read aura appeared on its throat in an attempt to repair the damage.

Seeing this, Rennel was not surprised at all.

“If one attack was not enough to bring you down then how about tens or even hundreds of attack? Can your regeneration keep up?”

Saying so, Rennel disappeared from her position again and stabbed at one of the goblin kings eyes!

Immense pain suffused the goblin king’s brain after its right eye was stabbed. And although it wanted to roar and scream to express its anger and fear, it could not as its throat has yet to heal. Instead, the monster did its best to ignore the pain and tried to counter attack.

The goblin king swings its huge axe like a madman but to its dismay, none of its attacks hits the girl. On the contrary, every time it attacks, Rennel would counter-attack and stab it!

Before long the goblin king was filled with stab wounds, big and small.

Clyde and his party were shocked at Rennel’s performance. And how could they not? The girl grew so strong to the point that she was like another person altogether!

“What’s going on? How did she suddenly become so strong?” Clyde wondered. He then turned to Mina and asked, “Was it you?”

Mina who was casting healing magic on Darius let out a bitter smile, “I did indeed give her buffs but the reason she has become that strong have little to do with my buffs. No, that was wrong too. She did use my buff but not to increase her abilities but rather to have a breakthrough.”

“A breakthrough? You mean… her ability leveled up?” Natalie asked in shock.

Mina nodded her head with a slightly dazed expression. She then said, “Yeah… but she didn’t call it a level up but an awakening!”



To be continued

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