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He is Lyndon

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1 month ago

Lyndon is the eldest of the 5-siblings, he is good looking and it is obvious and it was never a secret to him that his father is different from his 4 siblings. Never felt that he don't belong to the family because his mother and his step-father showed him the true meaning of family .

Though Lyndon was filled with love and affection from his family, their neighbors mocked and even his friends bullied him. They kept on calling him illegitimate child, which affects him that much. He grew up to be a rebellious child. After graduating elementary, he joined groups and friends who were into drugs and gambling. He learned to steal money from his mother, their neighbors and even tried snatching. His mother asked help from his father but Lyndon never listened. They became so helpless and hopeless so they ended up seeking help from a rehabilitation center. But after few days, Lyndon was out again and doing the same scene.

Lyndon's parents did not give up and they tried whatever they have and whatever they can to help him get out from that darkness. One day as Lynda was sweeping outside their house, a group of catechist approached him. They were discussing something about redemption and then one guy in the group named Chris mentioned about Lyndon. That they heard about his story and they want to extend help. They told her that they know a place where Lyndon could be healed.

Without second thought, Lynda said yes. Chris and some of his group mates pretended to be like Lyndon and asked if he wants to join them as they have a session in this place at this time. Lyndon was surprised as he don't know them but because their offer was hard to resist he agreed. Chris and Lyndon entered into an old rustic house, like an abandoned one. But to his surprise, inside was a very bright room, filled with people worshipping and sharing God's word. Lyndon wanted to back out but he felt like someone was holding him, that he could not even move his feet. He just kept quiet, observing and interacting to everyone who approach him.

Lyndon stayed there for 3 months, without any communication with his family and friends. He looks clean, newly cut hair, his beard were shaved and he was smiling. One day, their pastor asked him if he could join him in his talk in the neighboring town. He was shocked but he said yes. It was his first time in his entire life speaking in front of many people, people he don't know but he was surprised how they praise him, how they applaud him for his transformation, for being an inspiration to those who are struggling to get out from darkness.

In his 5th month, Lyndon told their pastor that he is ready to go out and be reunited with his family and he promised to not go back to his old self.


Thanks for reading and God bless us all.

Keep inspiring. Keep smiling. Keep praying.

Lead image is from Unsplash.

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Written by   123
1 month ago
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Is this a true story? 😁 It is really nice to know that there are people who helped those who went astray. They are like God's shepherds. 👍🧡

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1 month ago

Slight true story po ate..hehe

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1 month ago