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Work From Home has paved way for many new opportunities

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3 months ago

Today I read another article saying that many people are hesitant to get back to the office and work from the office location. We all enjoyed almost 2 good years working from home and for many people getting back to the office is a big pain right now. Not because it is not as sophisticated as working from home but working from home has a lot of benefits.

Many people also want to get back to the office because this work from home is spoiling their health. Some people have started living a new life altogether. This Working from home model is so very comfortable that people are even taking bold decisions to quit their current job and find a company that has a permanent work from home culture. Many companies are also transitioning towards permanent work-from-home culture. Below are some of the advantages we have in working from home.


No need to deal with traffic and pollution

This is one of the biggest advantages we have with working from home. The world itself healed during this pandemic from pollution due to commute. Traffic is one of the biggest problems in various big cities. I have heard people saying that it would take nearly 2 hours to reach the office and another 2 hours to get back home after that.

These 4 hours every day is a great save and people can instead work those 4 hours if required. This is one of the biggest advantages we have of working from home. Pollution is another issue. Every day during the commute, we have to deal with a polluted environment which can create health issues. So, people now prefer working from home to deal with all these commute problems, pollution, and other things.

There can also be instances where the weather would not be very pleasant. People who travel on public transportation will have problems and people who travel with their own vehicles will have issues during the hot sun and rainy season.

Cost reduction

People usually spend a lot when they are socializing. That's quite common. Research says that many people tend to do shopping mostly on temptations more than their actual needs. If people are traveling every day to the office and meeting people every day, they will have this heavy temptation and end up shopping a lot. It need not necessarily be shopping alone but lots of spending also matters. Especially spending money on food is also another major expense. All these costs would be a great save for the individuals if it only works from home.


Self-sustaining life

Some of my friends have started doing agriculture while working from home. Many individuals started their rooftop gardens and many individuals who stayed in their native town started doing organic farming during the pandemic period managing their own food needs from their home gardens or agricultural lands. This was also thought to many communities to manage their own food cultivation in their closed town or gated communities. People worked on their farmland before and after their work hours to try and increase production and that also took towards self-sustenance.

Part-time and freelancing jobs

Many individuals also saw a major hit on their appraisals and income. My cousin also had his salary reduced by 75 percent when the pandemic was at its peak. People started doing part-time jobs and freelancing work during this pandemic period. I would imagine that 4 hours saved every day without traveling is very good and it can really help in looking for an additional source of income. Some people started driving cabs during the weekends and autos even during the day time especially in the morning and evenings looking for an additional source of income.

Money is something that will not give us 100% satisfaction how much ever we have. Only a few people will have the thought to stay satisfied with whatever they get in their life.

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Written by   111
3 months ago
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