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Splinterlands - Managing my cards collection

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2 weeks ago

Managing the splinterlands collection is very important. Sometimes we might end up not using many cards in our collection. We might have a good collection of cards but there is no use if we are not using it in the game. That is one of the reasons why I spend enough time reviewing my collections. That also gives me the idea to use the cards as well as rent out the cards that I'm not using.

I would recommend this to everyone. Most of the time we miss out on many cards that we are not using at all. It is important to check the collection frequently because if we don't use some cards, we can rent the cards and try to get some passive income from that. Most of my cards are rented out. I find it hard to play regularly. I have kept a collection for me and all other cards are just rented out.

Choose only the deck you need

While playing the game each one of us will have our own favorite deck and there will be decks that will be used least. I have such a preference as well. I have completely rented out my Life deck and Dragon deck. I never play with these two-deck. Luckily all the quests I get are also not dependent on these two decks. Even if I get quests at times that require me to play these two decks, I will refresh the quest, and sometimes even playing with bare minimum cards will make me win games.

It need not necessarily be Life and Dragon for you. Each one has a different preference and these two didn't suit me well and that's why I have rented these two decks. Technically I'm thinking that we can even rent out 3 decks and still continue to complete quests and advance through the leagues. It should all be fine. In my case, Fire and Water are the most used decks. After that comes the Earth and Death. So, out of these 4, if I take out Death deck as well, I guess that shouldn't be a big deal. But don't take this advice straight away for yourself and do your own research on which deck suits you well.

If we focus on having a good neutral monster card, then even if we don't have other deck cards but a good summoner, that can increase our chance of winning with just neutral monster cards. I have seen this happening to me.

Moved all the cards to one account

I thought it will be better to manage my cards from one single account instead of keeping them in multiple accounts. I was initially thinking of having all the normal cards in one account and gold foil cards in another account. But then even my normal account started getting lots of gold foil cards. Now that renting is very good, I wanted to move all my cards to one account and use the rental market.

From this main account, I will be delegating the cards to my playing account to play the game and advance in leagues. I also noticed that I'm not using the full collection power in the playing account. Maybe when the days come near the end of the season, I will try to rent the cards that I don't use and keep only the cards that I play regularly. By doing this, I guess I will be able to easily make the best use of my cards and collection.

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Written by   31
2 weeks ago
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