My thoughts on exploring different blockchain platforms

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3 weeks ago

Hive is the only blockchain where I'm very active. I have explored the WAX blockchain while working on functionality for Muterra. Sometimes I used to wonder if I should be spending time exploring and understanding the concepts of other blockchains. If I have to create smart contracts on Hive and WAX, with my knowledge I should be able to do it. Other than these two, I don't have any knowledge of any of the other blockchains. Of course, I can include Steem but I don't even consider that as a blockchain.

Onboarding becomes harder sometimes if our friend is used to Ethereum and if we try to pull him on Hive. It is very obvious that I wouldn't be interested to explore something on Ethereum because I'm very much used to free transactions on Hive and I don't get peace of mind to use other blockchains and especially the ones that have insane transaction fees. There are quite a few competitive blockchains that are little lesser in fees but after having worked on something that is absolutely free, I prefer working only on Hive because of the several advantages we have here.


Lazy to explore other blockchains

I have to admit that this statement is true just for me and I'm sure there would be a lot more people who would also share the same thought. It could even be the case where other blockchains would give better opportunities or even better earnings but I should say that sometimes I would feel that I'm just happy with Hive alone for now and we can say that I'm just lazy to explore other blockchains.

Maybe others can also have this same lazy thought. It doesn't really have to be the fact that people who are developers can only earn from these blockchains. That's a wrong perception. One of my friends who joined an ETH project as a manager is now earning so much because he is both an investor as well as a contributor to the project by acting as a manager. This doesn't necessarily need any coding skills. There is one small problem. I find it hard to understand what he is doing and he finds it hard to understand what I'm doing but we both are making our own money in our projects.

This is one of the biggest challenges we face in the crypto world. Not everyone understands all the concepts and at the end of the day in a way people still make money. Sometimes people make money in early projects and in some cases, people make money by just doing regular activities like trading or working for a simple job that doesn't require any blockchain skills or any deep crypto knowledge. The one thing is that they get paid in crypto and when they try to convert that crypto to FIAT, that is when they learn more about crypto.


Cross-platform scope

This is something that every project should explore to some extent. Especially after their project is stable and they have room to do some innovations, they have to explore if there is a possibility to make their project work on multiple platforms. This is one way to make people get more awareness of multiple blockchain platforms. Otherwise, it would be like we are happy with the current blockchain and we keep going with that without knowing other opportunities we have on other blockchain platforms.

This is one area where more exploration should happen and this is the place where one blockchain community can onboard people from other blockchain and share good things between communities.

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