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My Monthly HBD interest claiming day

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4 months ago

Today is the 15th of the month and this is the day I usually claim my HBD interest. Apart from claiming the interest I also push some HBD to the savings on this day. I'm glad that the passive income from HBD interest is close to 30$ for a 2800 HBD power up. I have powered up close to 178 HBD this month and have reached a total of 3k HBD in savings.

HBD is one of the best investment opportunities we have on Hive. The best thing about HBD investment is the fact that it gives us 12% APR as set by the witnesses. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to push some HBD every month into my savings. Ever since HBD became a stable coin, many people wanted to keep some HBD savings in their wallets. The number of HBDs that are being set to savings has been increasing in the last few months ever since the stability arrived.

This HBD interest can also be helpful in talking to people and onboarding people to Hive. If you try explaining to people about Hive and its use cases, it can be a little hard to grasp the concepts. But HBD is pretty simple, we don't have to tell them the entire story. The investors can just simply purchase some HBD and move them to savings. The tedious explanation part is also getting easier with this.

Only in the recent few weeks, we are seeing the interest rates at 12%. Before that, the interest was only 10 percent which too was very good for a stable coin investment. Getting a good interest for our stable coin investment and that too from a decentralized platform is very great and I don't think there are any other blockchain platforms offering such decentralized solutions with a good interest rate. People who save up 100k HBD in savings would be able to earn over 1000$ per month from the savings which is more than sufficient for financial independence and living in a country like India.

In the last few weeks, the crypto markets are down. We don't know how long this dip would continue but I'm glad to see the price of HBD very stable. It now makes me feel that having our funds in HBD would have given at least 12% interest instead of trying to invest in new coins and especially when the market is unpredictable.

Last month during the interest claiming, I had claimed around 19 HBD and now I'm glad to see the value increase to 27 HBD. I hope this happens every month and towards the end of the year the goal becomes bigger and it reaches a very decent value. I'm sure this monthly post on my HBD interest claim can inspiring and motivating for me. This will also make me look at the stats towards the end of the year. Gradual growth is what sometimes I have been expecting. I wish I can invest some more in between the month too instead of waiting for the day to push funds to savings.

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Written by   85
4 months ago
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