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My Hive Goals - Weekly progress report

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1 month ago

I just realized that yesterday I missed posting my weekly goal update. Doing it today. I guess it shouldn't matter much for just one day. Compared to the last two weeks, I guess the previous week was not very great but I'm sure it was good and definitely not bad. My assets on Hive are growing gradually and last week I was also able to move some funds to HBD as well.

The price of Hive is not looking good in the last few days. I'm not going to worry about that because if the price goes up and down, I guess it is going to do only good and not bad. If the price is stable and constant, it is not going to attract any new investment. Okay now let's get to the theme of the article.

25,000 Hive Power

I'm already very close to reaching the goal. I guess I have a few more hundreds of Hive required to reach the goal. I can technically complete the goal right now but I want to take it slow and keep it dependent on the author rewards and the curation rewards alone.

In the last 7 days, I received a total of 26 USD from curation rewards and 90 USD from author rewards. I guess it is pretty decent considering the fall in the price of Hive. But someday if I reach a value of 100 USD per day from the curation reward, I would be very happy and have a feeling that I'm moving more close to my financial independence goal.

2500 STEM Power, 2500 CTP Power, 500 CUB and 1000 POB stake

These goals are going a bit slow. I guess I received a decent POB vote in the last week. Hopefully, it should be giving me a good reward next week. But otherwise, the progress was pretty decent but not still enough to reach my goals sooner. I'm happy that I was able to cross 50 percent of my POB goals.

The price of CUB tokens has gone down. I don't know if it will be recovering back or it will take some time for that to happen. Hopefully, it shouldn't end up like a bad investment. I have staked all the CUB I earned in the last week. Even though I completed my LEO goal, I'm still keeping the LEO tokens that I have been earning. I hope the price of LEO will improve soon so that I can book some profits.

500 BRO tokens

I came up with this goal only recently and I guess only last week I talked about this goal. I was short only by 20 tokens. I'm glad that I was able to complete the goal already. I'm now thinking if I should be going for 1000 BRO tokens to become the dragon or just give it some time before I continue the goal. I haven't thought of anything yet. I might make a decision soon. Let's see. For now, I'm happy for reaching 500 BRO tokens, I can probably call myself a half-dragon.

This week's goal status

I hope the status should look good even though the progress was not very great. Hopefully, there should be a better motivational push in the coming months as well. I'm personally happy with my goal status and I will continue to stay motivated to reach new heights.

I'm glad that one more goal is done now and is off the list. Next week, let me think about having some new goals.

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Written by   31
1 month ago
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