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Hive Blockchain provides enormous opportunities to earn and grow your account. There are several ways in which you can contribute to the ecosystem or earn from the ecosystem. But for everything to happen, we need a lot of patience. With good patience, we should be able to find our niche and grow in the blockchain and start earning some decent passive income from the chain. Blogging is also not the only source of income on Hive. Even though the majority of the inflation comes from blogging, there are other opportunities to grow on Hive and the first thing that comes to my mind is gaming.

I have to share my story to show more light on this topic. When I started a few years back on Steem Hive, it took me a lot of time to understand what this is all about, and all I was looking was for a decent website to earn from content writing. I have been a content writer for almost 12 years now. I started with keyword-based writing and then moved to technical articles and medical articles. I worked for multiple clients back then through Freelancer and Upwork and some direct clients as well.


After a point when I had no clients to work with and the crypto industry was growing, I wanted to try a writing opportunity inside the crypto world itself. I was looking for blockchains that give an earning opportunity for posting blogs. I did find a few but Steem Hive was solid back then and the price of Steem was around 5$ when I joined back then. I was inspired by the contributions of many people and I saw the rewards they were getting on their posts.

Growth can be very slow

I initially thought it was very easy to get some dollars on our posts. But back then bid bots were a great way to earn. I did not use them much. I saw many people using bid bots on their posts. I have to be honest that I did not have enough balance to make use of a bid bot too. I tried a few communities and discord servers and I started writing on random topics. Even then the articles did not do very well.

I did not give up and I was very consistent. I started writing more frequently and started writing for creating a habit inside me and did not care much about the rewards. In the last 3 years, I have brought a practice to write every single day and posting every single day. Whatever thought comes to my mind I write a blog. I have seen many people choosing a particular niche to write about and contribute only to that community. I did not choose a particular niche to write about. I wanted to keep my profile for simple blogging where I can be flexible about the topics I choose to write.


Exploring other opportunities on Hive

The first two years did not go very well and I had to be very patient. I was still looking for other opportunities on the chain. Most people were playing games on Hive. It took me some time to enter and explore these games. I have to strongly say that if you enter a game at the right time and mostly during the initial days, the earning opportunity is very huge. As early birds, people can grow along with the game as the game keeps growing. This is one of the biggest advantages.

Sometimes game development can also be very slow. I have heard stories that it took almost 2 years or even more than that for Splinterlands to reach some stability. But people did make a lot of money by playing the game regularly. When there was a good time for Splinterlands, people sold some of their assets and booked their profits.

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