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Delegating to get better APRs on Hive

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1 month ago

There are a few projects on Hive that gives a good return on delegations. We can delegate our Hive power and get daily reward share in return. Some projects promise more APR returns and some projects share a 100% curation reward share with the delegators. It differs from project to project. In this article, I'm going to highlight some of the projects available on Hive that gives better APRs for delegations.

First of all, delegating Hive power to another account is a good way to earn delegation rewards. Not all the accounts will have time to manually curate. Some accounts take the initiative to manually curate and some people automate their votes or follow a curation trail. For people focusing on earning something extra from their Hive power, delegation is sometimes profitable.


Delegating our Hive power to the @brofi account gives some good advantages. We will be able to get over 11% APR for delegation. The rewards are also in the form of BRO tokens. For people who would like to earn BRO tokens, this is one of the best ways. Of course, it is also possible to get the curation reward share and use that to purchase BRO tokens from the market as well but some people find it comfortable to delegate Hive power to Brofi account for a better reward.


Indiaunited is a community on Hive for Indians. It has been there for nearly 5 years now. The community is focusing on manual curation efforts. Delegating Hive power to the @indiaunited community will help in supporting manual curation and at the same time, it also helps in getting 100% curation reward share. The reward is distributed in the form of a liquid Hive.


Delegating Hive power to the @psyberx account is also similar to delegating to the Indiaunited account. People will be able to get a 100% curation reward share. The voting pattern of the account is not fully manual but the reward APR is somewhere close to 11%.

Leo Voter

The next better rewarding account is @leo.voter. The rewards are in the form of LEO tokens and people who delegate their Hive power to this account get a decent APR of about 17%. The inflation created for rewards from this account is also a big high. But one good thing about this delegation is that we will be able to support the creation of more new accounts by claiming the account creation token.


As far as I know, delegating Hive power to the @utopis account is a good deal. The reward APR is 25% and is also distributed in the form of UTOPIS tokens. This is also an opportunity to get UTOPIS tokens from delegation instead of purchasing them from the market. The price of UTOPIS keeps going up and down.


I heard that Ecency is also providing a decent APR for the delegations. In addition to that people also get ESTEM points as rewards based on how much they delegate. I keep hearing that the rewards are pretty decent. Some day I have to compare the rewards and see.

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Written by   111
1 month ago
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Indiaunited is a great Community to delegate Hive. One can get liquid Hive but I'm curious, about when does one get his share in delegating to that community. Is it everyday, every 15 days or after a month? Coz I think delegating in Hive is somewhat alike in delegating Blurt where in Blurt, others can get their share everyday, others are every mid of the month and others are after a month

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1 month ago