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Thinking in the World and For the World

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The world is real, we can't deny it. The world is made up of many things. Something is said to be real if it can be sensed and has an effect or impact. So, we need to be aware of our existence in this world while thinking. We must have sensitivity. Because we are part of this world and facing this world when we think we must also take into account the reality of this world.

Thinking in this World means we realize that our thoughts will be confronted with reality or tested in front of reality, there will be an effect or impact as far as the thinker and others who believe in it and guide their actions in the World. That is why thinking also demands responsibility.

Critical thinking is thinking carefully, thoroughly, clearly, and rationally. Critical thinking is not to put someone down or find fault with someone. But by thinking critically we can find the best solution to a problem, can explain something that is still in doubt or there is no clarity. Because critical thinking includes the ability to recognize problems more sharply, find ways that can be done to overcome these problems, gather relevant information, recognize assumptions and values ​​that lie behind beliefs, knowledge, and conclusions.

Critical thinking includes the ability to understand and use language accurately, clearly, and discriminatory (that is, to see and make clear distinctions about each meaning), the ability to interpret data, assess evidence and arguments, recognize the presence or absence of a logical relationship between one assumption to another.

A person who thinks critically will review whether the beliefs and knowledge that are owned or put forward by others are logical or not. Likewise, a person who thinks critically will not just swallow the conclusions or hypotheses put forward by himself or others. A critical thinker has the following characteristics:

  1. To raise important questions and problems, formulate them clearly and thoroughly.

  2. Generate new ideas that are useful and relevant to perform the task. Critical thinking has an important role in assessing the merits of new ideas, selecting the best ideas, or modifying ideas if necessary.

  3. Collect and assess relevant information, using abstract ideas to interpret it effectively.

  4. Draw conclusions and solutions with strong reasons, strong evidence, and test them using relevant criteria and standards.

  5. Think openly by using various alternative systems of thought, while recognizing, assessing, and looking for relationships between all assumptions, implications, practical consequences.

  6. Able to overcome confusion, able to distinguish between facts, theories, opinions, and beliefs

One important way to develop the qualities of critical thinking is to learn the art of postponing definitive conclusions. The trick is to apply a perceptual orientation rather than concluding too early.

For example, when reading a novel, watching a movie, participating in a discussion or dialogue, avoid the tendency to judge or draw fixed conclusions. In thinking, we will coexist with science because science is a continuation of our daily lives. There are several reasons why science exists, including:

  1. Humans and their capacities, both sensory and non-sensory. (On Planet Mars there is no science and culture because there are no humans)

  2. Reality objects of the World

  3. Something in the World (water, soil, trees, monkeys, humans, earth, galaxies, language, etc.).

  4. World events (demonstration events, fires, accidents, etc.).

  5. The limitations of self and the needs of human life.

  6. Humans depend on realities outside themselves, for example, to meet their needs.

  7. Humans have a curiosity about the mysteries of the universe.

Humans are endowed with potential and capacity, not all human capacities develop either into capacities and then into capabilities. Environment and context (social and natural) are very influential. There is an environment that hinders or vice versa, there is one that allows the growth and development of this potential.

Science helps us to know ourselves. Those who know themselves will recognize the potential, capacities, and strengths that are bestowed upon us. Who is not able to control himself, will be controlled by a condition (achievement, title, position, political ideology, or philosophical ideology, etc.) that might make us fall (Forget ourselves).

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Written by   15
1 year ago
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